Wireless World Electronics Retail Store

Posted: November 28th, 2013

Wireless World Electronics Retail Store






Wireless World Electronics Retail Store

Wireless World Electronics is a business that deals with selling technical devices used in information technology including wireless gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and iPads among other wireless devices. Most customers that buy devices from this retail store are known to be tech-savvy and fall in the age range of between twenty to fifty years. In addition, clients are also known to purchase the technical gadgets since they assume that their productivity will be enhanced.

However, most clients from a younger age group purchase the latest wireless devices in order to keep up with the current fashion trends in the technological environment. Customers make various purchases at the store in order to gain an astounding experience in high quality purchasing. The company consists of a competent staff that is responsible for providing clientele service with high quality. Their employees are highly acquainted with the products they sell and are therefore able to attend to the clients’ needs especially when they want to be informed about the product including its features and how it is used. Customers also feel a strong attachment to the company since the products stocked are fresh within the technological market.

Wireless World electronics is located in the shopping center known as Millenia Mall. The products offered by this company have certain unique features that make them stand out from similar products offered by other competitor organizations. This means that it is rare for a customer to find products sold in Wireless World Electronics in other stores that sell the same category of products. The company stores a wide variety of technological devices produced by famous brands plus those firms that are lowly recognized because of manufacturing devices that are exclusive and innovative.

The budget involved includes capital allocated in a number of areas including costs of renovation amounting to twenty five thousand dollars. Other payments include the company’s expenses of insurance that is approximated at one thousand dollars each year. Costs incurred in maintaining the health of employees and other benefits will be derived from the amount of money deducted from the salaries earned by managers, which results to twenty percent.

On the payment of employee wages, each sales worker will be receiving one hundred and fifty dollars per month, the staff comprising of seven members on the sales team. However, the supervisor will receive a slight increase of fifty dollars to earn two hundred dollars. Expenses incurred in operation and maintenance will include advertising, repair and installation of the store’s facilities such as toilets, testing devices among others. The type of advertising to be applied will be elevated doors, which amounts to one thousand, five hundred dollars per month.

The amount on the company’s installation of washrooms and other facilities will amount to ten thousand dollars while costs on maintenance will be three thousand dollars per month. After reviewing the cost of expenses in several sectors including installation, maintenance, advertising and employee salaries, the overall cost of the business will amount to approximately sixteen thousand dollars. The amount on other investments made by the company will amount to two thousand, five hundred dollars. Therefore, the Net Present value will be obtained from calculating the present value of the company adding up to thirty thousand dollars.

Other values included in the Company’s budget are the Internal Rate of Return which is explained as the discounting percentage in capital that enables the net present value in equalizing to zero. In the company’s case, the difference in capital estimation from deducting sixteen thousand dollars from twenty five thousand dollars is nine thousand resulting to the rate of 36%.


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