Posted: November 30th, 2013






The Bird whose Wings Made the Wind Myth

An Indian family lived on the seashore, where they had two sons. The oldest son was married and had a family with small children. They livelihood was fishing, which was their source of food with eels being their favorite. At one time, the weather became too stormy, and they could not catch fish. The wind was blowing quite hard both day and night, greatly reducing the family due to hunger. Finally, the old father told his sons to walk along the shore in search of a fish that might have floated ashore, which happens sometimes. One of the young men set off to try his luck. At the shore, the wind blew quite fiercely he could hardly stand it. The wind blew from the edge of a point, called Rocky Point, where rocks spread far separated from each other by shallow water. At the farthest rock, a big bird, the storm king stood flapping its wings and causing all the wind. He offered to carry the bird ashore, but at the final rock stabled and fell on purpose, breaking one of the bird’s wings. He bided it up and asked the bird to remain quit and not to move his wings until he healed. Calmness came back, and in a few days, there was an abundance of eel. They visited the bird and found its wing was capable of motion. He was told to move his wings steadily and gentle as well to achieve the desired amount of wind (Native Languages of the America, 2012).



Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac started out slowly, with even lower pressure than any storm that would cause a hurricane. It proved that prediction of such weather is hard for experts as they were not able to predict the real impact. However, warnings were issued to some of the areas that would be affected, thus preparing people. It came in an unexpected way despite the predictions. The storm or system that would become the hurricane moved from West Africa to make its effect in southeast Louisiana. It is such a distance, and hearing about a storm all the way in West Africa coming to hit United States does not sound possible. The experts found it quite challenging to predict the direction of the hurricane and areas it was likely to hit.

Looking back at the damage, one can realize the power of nature. Though man has the ability of influencing nature, it has an upper hand as well as sheer might. When nature comes, ranging one can only get out of its way for safety. Nature is quite powerful, and there is nothing man can do when it comes ranging. For hurricane Isaac, the only thing one could do is get out of its way to evade potential harm. Nothing could be done to divert the wind. One can only watch it come and makes its mark in the form of destruction. Additionally, it is not predictable what damage it would cause until it has caused damage. This makes it one powerful force that human beings have not power to stop.

The hurricane Isaac left several damages to the places it hit. Many people were left without homes for days after they were flooded. The wind blew up seawater over the coastline to the residential places to cause flooding (Mercury, 2012). On the other hand, the wind caused devastating destruction as well on houses where it brought some down, destroying roofs and power lines. Additionally, many went without power for days after power lines were destroyed. The biggest effect is not only the destruction. Rather, it is rebuilding after such damage that is a bigger effect. What one has built in many days and years is destroyed in a moment. One sees their home be destroyed within a moment, and there is nothing to do about it. Rebuilding takes time and requires a lot of effort. This leaves the affected people in situations that are hard with many emotions. Losing a home does not go easily on any person. More so, normal activities were affected, and it was not a time when one could wake up in the morning to go to work. Everything was about staying safe and avoiding the disaster.



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