Week 7 Lab work

Posted: November 30th, 2013





Week 7 Lab work

Part one

Question one

This articles looks at QlikTech, which has adopted the new expressor software that has enhanced its sustainability and intelligence capacity. Thanks to this new development, QlikTech’s developers will not have to write scripts in order to acquire data, as was the case before. QlikTech is also able to reuse metadata thanks to this new acquisition. Expressor will enables QlikTech managers to identify discrepancies between QlikView information “islands”. This also promises easy access and control by QlikTech customers.

Question two


This article talks about the new iGills SE-35 that is waterproof. This iPhone is a device that was designed to improve Apple’s effectiveness in the market. With its scuba diving case, it can function in water as deep as 40 meters. Its six buttons make it easier for its users to take pictures under water. It also comes with a corresponding application that includes a torch and underwater direction-finding tools. This is in addition to its mechanical dive log.

Question three

 The author of this article talks about the fact that Smartphones are not available to everyone. However, this has not deterred many local shops from encompassing the latest technology in order to meet the needs of users who cannot afford costly devices. In “technology crafts”, the author talks about combining different gadgets like a mobile phone, a lunchbox and a flashlight to create a working projector. He also mentions using an alarm clock and a mouse to develop a device that can be used for medical purposes.

Question four

 In this article, the writer talks about the integration of budding computer applications into mobile phones to lessen the hardships of operating them. The new smart devices are embedded with numerous applications that can tell the user’s location, preferences, etc. Some of the applications are able to interpret the user’s environment and withhold incoming calls. The applications are installed in headsets, which in turn connect the phone to the laptop or computer of the user. With these new discoveries and trends, the age of technology is rapidly advancing and the lives of users are changing with it as the interaction between the users and the devices is boosted.

Part two

Question one

 The United States department of justice released a report saying that a member of “Imagine” pleaded guilty to charges of infringement. This group is notorious for encroachment of copyrighted works like movies, etc. The man was found guilty of conspiracy to commit ‘criminal copyright infringement’. Willie O. Lambert will face nearly five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Some members of the illegal online piracy group were also indicted with Mr. Lambert on April 18 2012. After thorough investigations and collaborations between the criminal division of the department of justice and the district attorney’s office, the defendant was found guilty of the said count. This case showed promising advancements by the IP Task Force in fighting intellectual property theft.

Question two

This article looks at how the FBI Boston Division warned shoppers to beware of online fraudsters. The holiday season brings with it last minute shopping and cyber criminals take advantage of this rush to steal from consumers. Through bogus websites, the cyber criminals steal information and money from unsuspecting customers. therefore, shoppers are warned to make sure that they log on to official websites only, protect their computers with the latest anti-virus software, buy products from websites with secure connections, use credit cards and not debit cards when buying things online, never use their social security numbers online and to ensure that they have complicated passwords. These measures will help reduce the risks of internet crimes especially during the holiday season.

Question three

 This article tells the story of Sandra who was a victim of cyber crime. Without her knowledge, a cyber criminal has successfully installed a program into her computer that automatically logs everything that happened on Sandra’s computer. As she worked on her computer, the owner of the program recorded everything she typed. This was how he got all the information about her bank account and used this information to withdraw money. By the time Sandra noticed that her account was almost empty, it was too late. This article shows just how vulnerable we all are to cyber crime because Sandra never thought that something like this could happen to her considering she is computer savvy.

Question four

 In this article, the department of justice announced the arrest of a Russian man on charges of cyber attacks. Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha was indicted together with another Russian man for using ‘denial-of service’ attacks against several websites. During the attacks, they caused uncontrollable traffic on the websites and used this to their benefit. Through this fraudulent act, they were able to swindle many online shoppers of their credit cards. The suspects were found in possession of at least 28,000 credit card numbers. Zubakha was also charged with causing damage to protected computers. This could see him face up to 40 years in prison on all counts.

Part three

Question one

 The Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 helps to connect people and information in organizations thereby increasing effectiveness. It has lists, libraries and sites. The list ensures that the organization keeps distributes and administers information. For example, discussions can be hosted on the discussion board. A library has the ability to keep fiddles and information about the files. This means that information can be conveniently controlled in the library. A site is a collection of connected web pages where lists and libraries are stored. Addition of items and information to the lists and libraries can be done using a web browser and programs that are compatible with Windows SharePoint Services. These are some of the numerous features of the Windows SharePoint Services.

Question two

 The WebEx collaboration software has several efficient applications like the document manager where the users can securely share documents with anyone. The online calendar for setting up meetings and appointments, web meetings for convenient online meetings, task manager and expense reports. Users can develop and control databases through the web database, discussions for exchanging ideas, announcements for sharing important notices and the contacts list for organizing professional and personal contacts. Other features include the opinion polls for quick online group polls, admin tools, and customization and add-ons.

Question three

The Extranet Software Solution offers extensive sites for enhanced communication between businesses and their customers. This solution is cost effective and highly reliable for big businesses. Business managers and owners can access email, create and view calendars, distribute documents and supervise projects through the customer extranet portal. Through the Extranet site publisher, the solution can also be customized to meet the needs of every customer. It comes hosted with software upgrades and servers and access is only guaranteed where there is internet connection.

Question four

The Google Docs suite of products provides users with options of creating and developing their own documents and shares them online. The users need to have a Gmail account before accessing Google docs. Once they are signed in, they can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing and forms. The most reliable feature of Google docs is that the users scan share their work with anybody from anywhere provided they have internet connection.

Part four

Question one

 After installing and trying Microsoft live meeting, I found it to be very efficient. I did not have to leave my place of work to attend meetings as the meetings were conducted online. It also increase business productivity as it saves times and money on travel. Live meeting provides the opportunity to hold meetings with more than one person simultaneously. Through live meetings, presentations are more engaging. The meetings can be recorded and viewed later. The feature of formulating and sending schedules to customers and business partners through live messenger proved very efficient.

Question two

 Both sites allow the users to communicate with more than one contact simultaneously. They are both video conferencing software and require internet connection before they are used. Audio chat in Elluminate is similar to voice calling in windows live meeting. They both support videos and direct messaging between users. However, live meeting is more advanced than Elluminate because is has better features. The quality of videos in Elluminate is not as advanced as live meeting. Live meeting is faster and more efficient than Elluminate.

Question three

 Some of the features of windows live messenger include sharing folders where users can share documents and pictures with their messenger contacts. Voice calling enables users to make calls from the comfort of their offices and homes. Users need to sign up for windows live phone call to do this. The design of windows live messenger keeps changing to attract more users. Offline messaging enable users to send messages to their contacts even when they are offline. This means that they will receive the message when they sign in. the windows live messenger integrates social networks to make communication between users more efficient.

Part five

Question one

1. Choose the language to be used


2. Click on next in the welcoming dialog


3. Click on next on the licensing agreement


4. Click on next in the selection of components as they have been chosen already


5. Accept or change a folder for installation then click on next


6. Choose which links should be installed then click next


7. Click install after selecting default setting


8.  After installation, click on next then finish and restart windows


Question two

– Creating VPN connection requires the internet.

– Click on control panel and select network connections


– click on create a new connection and in the network connection wizard, click on the next button


– Select connect to the network at my work place and then click next


– select virtual private network connection and click next


– You need to select whether you will use a dial up connection or if you have a dedicated internet connection then click next


– Type the host name or internet protocol address of the computer that you want to connect to and click next


– You may be asked whether you want to use your smart card


– click on add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop and click finish



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