United States Governments Prior to 1800

Posted: November 29th, 2013

United States Governments Prior to 1800





United States Governments Prior to 1800

The United States government was different in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It was a period of discovery and exploration. The settlers were trying to establish themselves on the land and make it their home. However, they found occupied territories, and they had to find ways to settle on the land. They sometimes resulted to conflicts as they chased the natives away from their land, and sought ways to dominate it. The English founded the first colony in Jamestown Virginia early the seventeenth century. The Europeans were indifferent towards the Indian tribes in the seventeenth century. They did not understand them, and they did not make any effort to know their language. They widened the gap between them by discriminating them because of their race. The Europeans who interacted with the Indians were more interested in converting them to Christianity. The native tribes had their own religion and religious systems.

Although the Europeans dominated the natives, they had to struggle to live in the land because of the harsh environmental conditions and terrain. The Europeans intended to dominate the land where the natives lived. They were more advanced and equipped, and they were able to dominate the native tribes. The settlers did not have enough resources and they depended on the British government. This changed in the eighteenth century. The settlers had enough resources, and they wanted liberation. This led to the revolution war. The people sought political, religious, and social freedom, but they had to fight in order to get it. The church controlled a large part of people’s lives especially in education. There was slavery during this time, but there were few slaves. The slaves did not experience as much discrimination as they would in the eighteenth century.

The religious stronghold slackened in the eighteenth century, and the government and other institutions became civil. There was renewed interest in trade and commerce. There were some similarities between governments in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Many settlers were coming to America at the time, and England was sending governors to manage different regions in the country. Religion was a major factor in people’s lives. Although many people had come to America in search of new freedom, there were many denominations, especially of the Christian faith, and all of them were seeking followers. They controlled many aspects of people’s lives. There was an increase in trade among different places. People improved agriculture, and they used the products for trade. During the two centuries, people continued fighting as they sought new territories.

One of the major differences between these centuries is the growth and treatment of blacks around the region. The blacks who came to America in the seventeenth century were slaves, but they worked alongside the white settlers. They were not treated harshly, and they were not discriminated. However, in the eighteenth century, there was a high population growth. The white settlers grew in number, and so did the blacks in the region. The white population began treating the black slaves badly, and there was an increase in racial discrimination. There was also a difference in religion. As more people continued to settle in the region, more religions developed, and people became more tolerant and accommodating of different religions. American lawmakers established many laws, which served to create harmony, and in a way make people aware of their position in the society. It was a period of growth in the country. The people realized that much as more people were joining them, they had to make sure that these people found laws and rules that would lead to the establishment of an orderly society. There was much dependence on England, since the country was already developed to some extent, and many people came from there. However, at the end of the eighteenth century, people became of the need to be independent if they were to realize any development and growth.

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