Training and Developing Employees

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Training and Developing Employees

How is training different from development?

Training and development are two different terms in terms of their definition, applicability and interpretation. Training and development is used for enhancing the employee skills and competencies for better execution of tasks, duties and responsibilities delegated to them by the management. Training is defined as the use of programs to enhance the skills and competencies of the employees in relation to the tasks, duties and responsibilities delegated to them by the management (York, 221).

In talking to the city manager which would you highlight as having the capacity to deal with short-term problems?

Training could be used to deal with both long-term and short-term challenges in the workplace. Training is used as an immediate as well as a forward-looking approach in enhancing the skills of the employees. The short-term challenges could be the need to replace individuals in various positions necessitating the need for quick training to employees to prepare them for new tasks, responsibilities and duties, which are associated with the new positions provided by the management. On the other hand, development of the employees is a forward looking approach and used in an organization to help personal development of the employees in their positions. Additionally, employees could gain knowledge and skills, which enable to develop in the organization as well as outside of the organization (York, 247).

Which would require a more long-term approach?         

Development of employees requires relatively longer periods as the process aims at changing individual perception and skills of an individual in assuming a specific line of career. Hence, it focuses on the overall growth of an individual or employee in a given line of employment. Development focuses on the growth of an employee in terms of rise in hierarchy because of gaining experience skills and knowledge to suit a specific line of career of employment in an organization. In addition, the development of the employees focuses on helping them prepare for better opportunities in any organizational setting hence it is not restricted to a specific organization.

Which would be more suited for helping address any problems related to succession planning among managers?

Succession planning is usually based on the assumption of anew position by an employee within the organization. This is enhanced by the management through development of the employees in anticipation of assuming the new positions left vacant by other employees. In addition, the development of the employees enables them to use the skills gained in training in anticipation for the new positions in the organization (York, 253).

Approaches such as coaching the employees in enhancing their capabilities to assume higher positions and more responsibilities are enhanced by adequate training of the employees for their presupposed new roles. At times, organizations assume that handing over new positions is automatic and that employees assuming new positions have the adequate knowledge and skills to execute the tasks, duties and handling responsibilities associated with the new positions. This is unfounded in that; there is need for developing employees over longer periods and molding them to assume higher positions or different positions in the organization

Conclusively, training and development are intertwined activities in contemporary organizations. This is because they entail the use of resources in the organization to enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees. The differences between training and development are brought about by the goals and the achievements desired by the approaches (York, 256). The training of the employees is based on immediacy in terms of the need of qualified individuals with skills and knowledge related to a particular employee position in the organization. On the other hand, development usually relates to the use of training to enhance and enable individual development and growth in the organization. It essentially focuses on growth of the employee in the organization and preparing the employee for positions either within or outside the organization.

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