The Writing Process Part 1 Finding a job in today’s tough job market

Posted: November 27th, 2013

The Writing Process

Part 1

Finding a job in today’s tough job market

It is well known that we are in the midst of an unfathomable economic depression or otherwise the worst economic situation since the period of the great depression. Almost every organizations or companies are announcing daily about reducing employment and the unemployment level is increasing rapidly to the worst level. There is high competition in the job market so it is essential that you use the available tools so that you can achieve the position that you aspire. Now let us take some of the essential key rules of thriving into a job search in the tough job market.

However, before I start giving out essential principles of successful job search, I want to present to you how I managed to get my job. When I graduated from the college nearly eight years ago, I bought a newspaper, read through the advertisement job pages and I was ever connected on the network. I kept on like this until one time I received a call from one of the biggest automotive industry. Therefore, you have to know that going through a job search is mentally exhausting. However, you should be patience because it can be sometimes frustrating and leads to rejection especially when you fail to get a job for a long time. It is essential to prepare for a job search just like the way athletes prepare for a competition. You should know that everybody is going though the same process and it is normal but eventually success comes after when you adhere to the following tips,

First, use the technology for your own benefit. In the modern world, technology has become a vital tool in that one cannot do without it. Therefore, you should utilize technology as much as possible. It is good to create e-mails and subscribe for job alerts that match with your course criteria. Create blogs on the subject of your expertise area and stay connected to social networks. I am sure that you are aware of the network and even familiar with it because mostly you do research work or course work using the computer or form a group discussion. So do not go outside and forget that computer have completed their college work. It is now that you should understand that you are going to need computers more than ever.

Take use of social networking. Make sure that to attend various organizational events where you can be able to meet all kinds of people and try to seek advice on job search from them. Do not get tired and feel discouraged even though they will not attend you positively. You should be patience and understand why you are out their and what you are searching for because it is through hardworking and tolerance that you can be able to achieve your goals. You should bear in mind that the purpose of attending events on different organizations is to be acquainted with the skills and grow in your networking. This will enable you to develop potential skills that will one time help you when being called for an interview (Roebuck and McKenney, 2006).

You should prepare fully for an interview. I know everybody will search to get an interview but the interviews are not meant for open positions. In this point, you should now realize that social networking is crucial because you might be interviewed on what you know about the company where you have gone for an interview. Incase you had already attended the company’s events you are then likely to pass your interview. Another thing you should not forget is dressing code when going for an interview. Some people tend to forget that dressing is part of an interview therefore, incase you are interviewed for a manufacturing industry, be in a conservative attires.

Part 2

The process I used to draft my message was that first, I had to organize the message by choosing on the essential ideas that can enable me to deliver my message. I started with prewriting my speech whereby I outlined many points. Secondly, I started writing down the crucial ideas on another draft. In addition, I had to revise on my points that can enable me to draw the attention of my audience. Lastly, I revised my points in order to ensure whether my speech met the required value.

My audiences are the students who will be graduating because they are the one mostly affected especially when it comes to competition for jobs in today’s job market. However, other audience may include parents and guardians who will accompany them to graduation because they are affected indirectly especially when it comes to helping their children find a job. Others may include honorable guests and lecturers who will be present in graduation day. In addition, business managers and others executive members from different companies or organizations who will be present will be my audience because they have knowledge about the existing job issues in the economy.

My audience was displeased because of the high unemployment rates in the economy and the way I expressed my points to them. I used inductive approach by giving examples about the situation that I went through before I got a job. My audience were displeased especially students who realized that getting a job is not easy after they listened to my speech. I outlined the main ideas from the first draft and included the major points in the second draft. This is because I did not want to make long speech that could have ended boring my audience.

I used inductive information sequencing approach because this is a constructivist form of passing across the information and it is more student-centered. This is because my speech aims mostly students who are ready to face the challenges of job market. This method is widely used because it is more experimental and it gives practical example that indicates a direction of something.

I wrote the second draft because the first draft had many ideas but after proofreading, I had to choose the essential ideas that can benefit my audience. I had to revise on my points to make sure the points are correct and if they are in line with the speech that I was to present.


Roebuck, D. B., & McKenney, M. A. (2006). Improving business communication skills. Upper

Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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