The Organizing Function of Management

Posted: November 27th, 2013

The Organizing Function of Management






The Organizing Function of Management

The Ford Motor Company is a multinational automaker company based in Dearborn, Michigan. It was founded by Henry Ford in June 1903 and has since created many subsidiaries worldwide. It is the second largest automaker in the United States. It was also ranked fifth in the world in terms of annual vehicle sales in the year 2010. It has around 90 plants across the globe. The automaker deals in car manufacturing, which uses technology in manufacturing sequences typified in assembly lines. This organization has diverse tasks, responsibilities, markets, and products that it provides to the society. The company has effective strategies that are used by human resource managers in ensuring the organization operates smoothly and is efficiently managed. Indeed human resource and technology are vital resources of Ford Motor Company, which have contributed to better performance of the company.

Human Resources

            In relation to human resources in Ford Motor Company, the organizing function of management is vital for it enables managers assess the company’s resources for their proper allocation and distribution. With effective and efficient resource utilization, managers in the organization effectively plan and implement new strategies that can be used in promoting development and better performance of the organization. Human resource is an essential resource in Ford Motor Company, and it can be defined in terms of the diverse kinds of engineers, employees, shareholders and managers, who contribute largely to better performance of the company in one way or another. They benefit the organization because they help the organizational system by delivering their knowledge, skills and motivation to those individuals responsible for the manufacturing process. A well-trained and experienced workforce is crucial in the success of the manufacturing company in the sector. New options for education and training of human resource workers are needed because they ensure that the employees are aware of managerial functions that meet the needs of their clients.

However, when evaluating human resource in any organization, most of the organizing functions of management are directed towards human resource managers. Managers in Ford Motor Company play vital roles in the organizational levels. Their activities include planning, organizing, staffing, supervising workers and controlling financial resources. They also direct the resources of the company and ensure that proper decisions are made as well as assessments of the organization’s resources to enable better performance of the organization. They act as a representative of the company and ensure that resources are equitably and well distributed across all organizational levels. Moreover, they ensure that technology is well utilized by employing experienced labor forces that are able to use different advanced technologies in manufacturing of vehicles. In the essence of good management, HR managers make sure they coordinate with employers across the organization. Coordination can be achieved successfully through good communication processes across the organization’s departments.


            Another crucial organizational resource is technology. Technology is crucial especially in a company that manufactures vehicles. With the fast-changing and vibrant advancement of science and technology in the world, technology has become a solution for making work easier (DuBrin, 2011). Ford Motor Company uses the technology resource in the process of car manufacturing. The application of advanced and newly developed technologies in Ford Motor Company has provided many labor force opportunities to produce efficient and effective vehicles. Change in the manufacturing sector due to use of technology has led to expansion of new technical knowledge in manufacturing vehicles of high quality, which are highly marketable in the globe. In addition, the use of advanced technology in vehicle manufacturing has led to increased production of long-lasting vehicles. Technology has also led to discovery of new breed vehicles that are highly profitable to the company.

Additionally, technology influences the functions and the performance of the organization. The organizational technology resource needs to be updated constantly for proper functioning. Thus, being innovative is crucial in an organization because it enables the organization provide better products and services to its customers. Due to competition in the global market, organizations are now utilizing technology in order to produce innovative products that capture the attention of customers in the market. Employees are trained to use technology in production processes in order to enable the organization compete favorably in the global market. Organizations must improve their performance and discover new products through use of technology in case they want to survive in the market or they want their businesses to prosper in future (Griffin, 2011). Technology in an organization provides a systematic approach of aligning technological elements and ensures they support each other. The focus is often on the new products and services that are highly innovative and marketable.

The organization has utilized and optimized these organizational resources for effective and efficient operation of the company. Ford Motor Company utilizes technology in the process of manufacturing vehicles. The main reason that has led this company to its place among the leading companies is due to technology use in the process of car manufacturing. Technology has enabled Ford produce innovative cars, which are of high quality and which attract customers in the market. Ford Motor Company also focuses on re-engineering and process mapping. The company streamlines or redesigns its cars in the new work system. In addition, over the years, the company has controlled its factors of production. It developed new technology in order to make the business successful and enable it compete favorably with other companies that manufacture vehicles.


In addition, Ford Motor Company has utilized human resource management systems in planning, finance, information management and quality systems. These chains consist of a series of activities that generate and build value. Managers in Ford Motor Company plan and make policies that should be followed in the organization. Planning is a prerequisite that enhances chances of success in an organization (DuBrin, 2011). Human resource is utilized in this company and it is considered an essential resource that has enabled the company be ranked among the US Fortune 500 companies of the year 2010. Employees are organized such that they work as a team in order to accomplish the work in due time. Managers in this company ensure resources are equitably across the organization in order to enable the company perform better. They ensure financial resources of the company are utilized and allocated to all organizational departments thus enabling success of the company.

Indeed, human resource and technology are crucial resources of the organization. Human resource is vital because it enables organization to operate effectively and efficiently. This is because of better coordination, staffing, planning and proper communication across the departments. Additionally, technology is vital because it enables the company manufacture innovative products that are competitive in the global market. These two resources have enabled Ford Motor Company compete favorably with other rival companies in the car manufacturing industry. However, with the use of technology, Ford has been in a position to perform better, seeing it ranked as one of the top car manufacturing companies in the world.



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