The Education System

Posted: November 29th, 2013




The Education System

An issue of concern today is the education system. Its capabilities of meeting its objective of giving knowledge are questioned. This has been expressed by two writers, Michael Moore, in Idiot Nation and Taylor Gatto, in Against Education. While Moore claims that the nation lacks knowledge, Taylor is against the school system and claims that the school system is of no use. While this two arguments might be contradicting they both agree, that there lacks proper education.

Michael Moore places great concern on the American people by claiming that they are not well educated. He gives a situation where some seniors from the universities of America were given a test. Most of them did know which civil war took place. Of all who were tested on high school level, only one of them got all the questions correct and the rest that had the highest scores, only got 53 percent of the questions correct. Gatto on the other hand thinks that the education system should be abolished. He states that it does not provide the right education needed. Gatto places the point that school education is not necessary. The school system needs to be revised. If the same people who are tutoring have little knowledge about what they are teaching, then there is something wrong with the system.

Moore claims that if education could be made as interesting as the sports, the people would find more interest in it. Gatto states that school is boring to both the teachers and students. There is something wrong with the education system if the tutors themselves do not show an interest in it. Our greatest concern should be to create a system that meets its objectives and

As Gatto states the main goals of an education system was to make the best of people, the system should not only be concerned with the grades but also with the primary objectives of schooling. One thing that Gatto advocates for is education not necessary the graded one. On the other hand, Moore thinks that schooling is the key. In his essay, he gives records showing that there were forty million American illiterates at the time this statistics were taken. His kind of education is one that requires schooling. While Moore advocates for schooling, Gatto points out many people who have succeeded without schooling. Hence, schooling does not serve any purpose.

Moore claims that too much time is spent on doing activity that is not so useful, like devoting too much of our time to television and sports, as compared to reading. Even the former president himself does not read brief papers or have enough knowledge on what surrounds him. Gatto however thinks that too much time is spent in school and too much reading. He compares a historic time with now, where now the competition is different and one needs to be competent. This is simply through the kind of education that is impacted.

While the two writers giving contradicting views and points of aspects, one thing is common, they both place a great concern of the system. What they have in common, is that education is important and the knowledge should be given. Parents should not place all the responsibilities on teachers and then blame them, when there is not a good outcome. There should be better organization and enough schools to best cater for the students.





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