The American War Budget

Posted: November 27th, 2013





The American War Budget

A large percentage of the United States population believe that the slow development in economic progress has been caused by relocating the money for excess expenditure in the retaliation of terrorist attacks that occurred in September 11, 2001 (Congressional Record 74). The expenses occurred from the military system over spending during the Afghanistan and Iraq war plus utilizing support to form alliances. In addition, financial resources were also used to chase after terrorists groups and ensuring to meet the country’s safety standards (United States of America Congressional Record 22). However, the extreme expenditure has been justified by the country’s security department based on protecting people’s lives and welfare.

The operations in Iraq were started in March 2003 and as a result, more than four thousand soldiers passed away and the state ended up spending billions of dollars. However, the cost of forgone opportunity should be considered in a case where the government should have allocated those financial resources elsewhere (Cost of War 2011). For example, the money amounting to seven hundred and ninety seven billion dollars that was allocated to the Iraq war starting from the year 2003 up to 2011 would have been used to pay for the tragedy program known as Recovery Reinvestment Act that was formed in the year 2009.

If the American government were committed to taking such action, the country would have high chances of accumulating more than three million employment positions and hence slow down the economy’s downfall within a reasonable difference. The amount of war expenditure in Iraq for this year, which amounted to forty seven billion dollars, would have also been used to cater for funds dealing with public tragedies. However, it was instead used up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the year 1999 to the year 2000 (Cost of War 2011).

On the other hand, the high expenditure on the country’s security well being is necessary. For example, financing America’s security border program contributes to the country’s welfare in a big way because it secures the state’s boundaries from dangers including prohibited entries of criminals such as terrorists plus any other group that threatens the life of citizens. In addition, it ensures security in public institutions such as universities, whereby foreign students go through certain legal registration procedures in order to be a part of the School community (United States Department of State 2).

Another reason for the necessity of American’s security is to be able to deal with factors that threaten the country’s security. For example, the financial resources allocated for ensuring global security, enables the provision of ample security for political staff, data and assets against global terrorism. This is achieved through financing for technological security devices and support plus the preparation services given to the staff of the security department. (United States Department of State 2) An increase in financial support will enable the government to meet the security expectations from all regions of the country.

Another reason that justifies the excess spending in security measures is to ensure that government workers who work in other foreign countries are secured so that they are able to protect the country’s assets associated with its foreign investments (United States Department of State 3). The finances are used to fund projects that provide protection and maintenance facilities for the government’s significant institution such as the embassy.

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