Store Location Project for a Shisha Café in Dubai

Posted: November 27th, 2013


Store Location Project for a Shisha Café in Dubai














Store Location Project for a Shisha cafe in Dubai

Store Description

The ideal store location for Shisha Café is in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Jumeirah beach is in Dubai with a residential development containing 40 towers. This beach residence has numerous living apartments and hotel rooms, which gives it an upper hand as a tourism attraction site. The Jumeirah beach residence should be the ideal location to set up an Arabian oriented theme café, hence Shisha. The numbers of tourists that visit Dubai are illegible to find a café with a unique touch and a splendid perspective. This is where Shisha comes in to offer a difference in its products and offer a better-known experience than any other café around.

This Shisha café store has an esteemed variety of services to offer its clients. These services include the balm-reader-sand tarot, the story out of 1001 stories, the belly dancers, private cabins with clear white cretins, exquisite Arabian food and Shisha flavors. The story out of 1001 stories is quite involving and one gets to know more of what takes place in Dubai. The belly dancers show a cultural prowess stature that alienates and entertains the Shisha café guests. The balm reader is an exceptional mind-blowing experience that keeps the mind segregated from the usual norm to indulge in an illusion of dreams.

The Shisha café captures a varied form of culture that would capture a number of tourists. Once the tourists are allured to the café the rest of the activities will be dependant of the first impression created. Furthermore, the setting around the café is conducive enough to accommodate a number of guests and tourists. There is accommodation provided to cater for all the customers who would still love to explore the Shisha café experiences.

Define type of store with its precise positioning

Shisha café located in Jumeirah beach residence is also known as the Cove of wonders. The name is drawn from the number of varied activities involved and the kind of meals offered at the Café. There are many activities involved, which include balm-reader-sand tarot card readings, story telling sessions, music and entertainment by belly dancers. There is Arabic food also served and a number of deserts and desert specials that come in Shisha flavor. Other additional features that are present in Shisha café are the private cabins with clear whiter cretins and a number of latest ventilation machines.

Shisha cafés precise and strategic positioning will enable its transformation in form of a café and increase self-generated revenue through the number of tourists who visit the country with their families or the ones on special occasions like on a honeymoon. The innovative aspects here are the introduction of a number of games to indulge both the old and the young and provision of deserts while enjoying games. The uniqueness of Shisha comes in the perfected Arabic recipes and the waiters’ courtesy to clients and tourists even before they are ushered in to dine. There is also the aspect of cooking and tasting display that draws a number of tourists to assess and enjoy the recipe diversity and cooking habits.

Ideal location of this concept store

The ideal location of this conceptual store was sited in Dubai at Jumeirah beach residence. Since it is known that Dubai is a major tourist attraction site, opportunistic career developers maximize on the hotels and café premises that are available. Several tourists have preferences and others love exploits in the new culture. The relevance of Shisha café is magnified and applauded when service delivery according to customers’ needs is adhered. The essence of the elite member of the society also boosts the revenue aspect after having their first impression and feel of Shisha café.

This eventually simmers factual aspects and uniqueness of this particular café making it be recognized in a short time span. Through online media, the tourists would get to know more about the café and the offers exploited that would show diversity and lure customer to the café.

Compare it to the feasible location based on what you know of the region

In this project, there is the theme and architecture of the store design is of a great deal and importance. The general attire of the café, the orientation of the café and the managerial efficiency are an upbeat condition. Moreover, Dubai residents consider café places as luxurious indulgences that are highly appreciated and well respected. For this cause, Jumeira being our feasible locale for our cafe store should generate a sense to the customers that Shisha café is a store that will give them a high quality feeling.

Successful business-orientation in a similar field needs an innovative mechanism that gives our store an edge over other businesses. Competitive edge opens up other avenues by analyzing a cumulative approach to help achieve business successes. However, this may not be a fast riser but it sure is a challenge to other cafés in Dubai.

The feasible locations failure

The main reason why the feasible location chosen would be a failure is that there are an overwhelming number of café premises around the same location. Thus being a starting café parlor would mean few customers for the first few months. This later has an effect on the workers and the manager as a result. The effect experienced by the worker would reflect on the wages paid and laying off some inefficient workers. The effect on the manager would be a rethought of a strategy to make his café parlor competitive enough.

The feasible locations success

Due to rising tourism and revenue annually, there is competitiveness for customers and sufficing offers to entice customers to certain cafés. The competitiveness enables the managers to think and analyze on a broader perspective, in addition to what they can offer their customers and how they can possibly lure more to their cafés. Interrelation ties with different cultures would also boost the feasible locations success. That is, learning a number of languages to relate to a number of customers would create a natural effective bond with the customers.

The potential in Shisha café

This café store has a vast, unique blend of products that define its potentiality. The diversity of product and performances involved can lure a number of passer-by’s. This passer-by’s end up being lured to a tasting parlor where all new tourists lighten up their taste buds. This is a place where a customer can grab something for a quick meal. The target group that is aimed at in Shisha café is both the young and the elderly. The games created and instructors assigned would be one very creative and qualified to engage both the age groups. The translation of an exercise leads to a free desert that could be offered to lure more customers to the café.














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