Sociology Sub-Field

Posted: November 30th, 2013


Sociology Sub-Field






Sociology Sub-Field

Assignment 1

Sociology of Gender

The social construction of gender is based on ideas put forward by Judith Lorber, who is a famed sociologist and feminist. She is of the view that gender and sex are two distinct but mutually existing elements in society. In addition, the aspect of gender is merely a sociological construction given that, people’s gender or becoming a man or woman is determined by the society. She adds that the society defines the aspect of masculinity and femininity as experiences determine the identified aspects, which give definition to either male or female. The classification of male and female is another issue, which she describes as merely based on the individual genitalia, which is known after birth (Lorber, 1994).

Gender is defined by the actions, conduct, speech, mode of dressing and movement to give definition to gender. In the contemporary societies, genders could be classified into three classes; man, woman and transvestite. All of the three are defined as such by the sociological roles each class plays in the society. Man is termed as masculine given that he plays the role of providing for the family. Additionally, the woman is termed as the caretaker of the family given that she takes care of the young. Such societal roles give definition to a gender (Lorber, 1994).

In “Night to His Day” The Sociological construction of Gender based on excerpts from Paradoxes of Gender by Judith Lorber, the author embeds much of her topics around the sociological stratification of gender. Her topic includes the Societal Views and Interpretation of Gender. Other topics include the Gender as a Process, Stratification and Structure (Lorber, 1994). Here, she explains of the role of society in defining the roles of the two genders, male and female.  In the topics, she adds the views of the society on gender as a means for differentiating people and a means of equality or “sameness” between people in societies (Lorber, 1994).

Assignment 2

The American Sociological Association was established in the year 1905 with the aim of enhancing the field of sociology as a preferred field of profession. The American Sociological Association is tasked with ensuring that it advances the field of sociology as part of a scientific discipline for the overall wellness of the society or public. The American Sociological Association is a non-profit making organization, which takes on members from the American population to avail information about the field of sociology. The organization, on its website, states that its mission is to provide information to sociologists in their work. In addition, the entity is also responsible for enhancing the field of sociology as a preferred field of profession to the public (American Sociological Association, 2012).

The members to the ASA are able to purchase essential journals about the various field of sociology. Thus, the association plays a significant role providing information about sub-fields of sociology to the members. Furthermore, the members are able to access numerous sociology journals online enabling them to conduct adequate research and gain information about the field of sociology. The ASA has over the years, since its inception in the year 1905, played a significant role in enhancing the knowledge of people in the society and preferably those interested in the filed of sociology. The ASA has played a significant role of cultivating and facilitating interest and growth of sociology as both a discipline and a lucrative scientific profession in the American society. The website of the ASA is used by numerous people around the world and specifically by the American people to increase their knowledge about the field of sociology (American Sociological Association, 2012).

The American Humanist Association is essentially an American association tasked with ensuring the spread of humanism in the United States. The organization is an advocacy for civil and social liberties in the United States. In addition, the entity enforces of the need to protect nontheistic views, which is a freedom, and liberty that should be exercised by any individual. In essence, it aims at advocating and ensuring the respect for individual views, identity and the freedom of association and religion in the United States. The members are able to learn of the need for individual freedoms as well as obtaining information about the field of humanism. Furthermore, the organization aims at cultivating the field of humanism as a professional field by providing resources to the members in terms of educational material (American Humanist Association, 2012).














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