Social Work and Human Services

Posted: December 2nd, 2013




Social Work and Human Services









Social Work and Human Services

Multiculturalism can be described as the existence of varied races and cultural minorities who are different in terms of their backgrounds and how they carry themselves. These people do not intend to change their lifestyles as they are used to this way of life. Canada in itself has a rich culture of different ethnic groupings that coexist. From the different leisure activities and sports that individuals are involved in, they are able to coexist. This is because they interact through giving each other support. For instance, when playing a game of soccer in Canada, different people from different backgrounds come together with similar goals and aspirations, to win the game and have fun, thus multiculturalism is achieved. In essence, the difference in individuals is supposed to be an accentuation of their nature but not a barrier between different races or cultures.

This however took time to be achieved as shown in the study carried out by Tirone and Shaw in 1997. The study talked about the different cultures in Canada, how they migrated there and how they coexist harmoniously. Their sample included Immigrant Indian women and North Americans. The Indian women did not understand why the North Americans enjoyed leisure time, yet it took them away from their obligations as homemakers and caregivers. The Indian women were used to putting their family affairs first and they did not have time for other extracurricular activities. This showed that to the Indian women, work was deemed more important than relaxing. It did not make sense to them why North Americans saw it fit to take time off their responsibilities. However, as new cultures moved into Canada, the diverse cultures were assimilated, such that both cultures adopted each other’s lifestyles. People began to adopt each other’s lifestyles, and this however was not easy as there were many hurdles to be overcome such as poverty. As the adoption of each other cultures went on, they were able to borrow different customs to be able to give them a competitive edge. For instance, education became priority to most cultures thus making them improve their social status.

The issues highlighted in this study are some of the inhibitors that hinder the development of multiculturalism. Poverty, for instance, would make one not see the need of having some time to relax, yet they could be making extra money. Some sports are played by people from a certain background. Golf, for instance, is associated with the rich. This is because the sport requires expensive equipment as well as access to privately owned courses where membership is required. The existence of some traditional norms hinders people from not doing what their hearts desires. Muslim girls are still being prohibited from engaging in some leisure activities as it is against their traditions. These inhibitors still exist even after years of people being enlightened on how crucial it is for people to engage in leisure activities. However, some people have adapted the changes and policies there are still a number of people that need to recognize the benefits that accrue from leisure.

From the article, the authors show how the adoption of policies has helped bring down the barriers of multiculturalism, and as a result, it has helped the community to develop. A healthy and enriched leisure lifestyle is an integral part to development, that is why there were many policies, and policy frameworks adopted to ensure that people were able to interact and exchange life experiences. Thus, once a community breaks down the challenges that it faces, it will develop significantly. Though it is hard for people to adopt each other’s lifestyles, it will go a long way to enhance Community development.




Ways in which Gilda’s Club nurture individual health and community development

In tribute to the late actress Gilda Radner who succumbed to ovarian cancer in 1989 Gilda’s club was started. It was a meeting place for people who have cancer, or are affected by it. It was a place where they could come, vent their frustrations, and seek refuge from one another. It was clear that medical care was not enough to help a person who had cancer but also the emotional support was equally important. Some of the things that one gets as a member of Gilda’s Club include yoga classes, art therapy, writing classes, and lectures from healthcare professionals. This has become therapy to the members of this club, as they channel their frustrations into more helpful activities. As a result, these activities act as vents to their negative energies, thereby becoming a source of relaxation and therapy.


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