Posted: November 29th, 2013






For this assignment, I viewed the required minimum four videos on demos. These videos include Cloud Computing at salesforce, all about salesforce, what is cloud computing, and Get started- Sales force. From all four videos, I was able to learn several things about sales force. I was able to learn that sales force is a worldwide software company that specializes in customer relationship management (CRM).The Customer Relationship Management function is further divided into broader categories. These include collaboration cloud, service cloud, sales cloud, and custom cloud.

All the above functions are summarized in the video what is cloud computing. As the name suggests, these functions run in the clouds. This implies that the user of these applications can access them as long as they are connected to the internet either through the internet or through a mobile device with internet capabilities. The salesforce functions include Chatter, a sales collaborative tool. This tool provides a customer profile and account profile for sales representatives. This allows the user to control their spending on marketing campaigns through a single application. This application is capable of locating numerous opportunity related information such as decision makers, milestones, and any other data significant to a business’s sales process.

In addition, the application functions work in the form of a utility. This means that the user only pays for what they have ordered. Upgrades of these applications, if any, are automatic and easy to scale up and down. However, I was able to learn one limitation associated with salesforce application functions. They are not reliable in terms of urgency. In this case, having cloud based application up and running is a long process that can take several days to weeks. However, it is prudent to understand that the process of creating an account is not complicated.


LinkedIn is a website for social networking that is designed to suit people in professional occupations. Indeed, the site can be considered similar to other social networks like facebook and twitter, but it mainly focuses on professional networking. The site serves to be universal as it offers its services in a variety of languages including Polish, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, English, German, and French among others. This quality allows the users diversity in profession and culture in terms of how they relate. Putting this into consideration, a user of this website has a good opportunity of acquiring valuable information on their professional field in other countries. For example, they may get to learn of employment opportunities or business opportunities and get to act on them.

The website also serves the purpose of allowing its registered users the opportunity of maintaining a list of the people they relate to referred to as “connections”. People using this social network can send an invitation to anyone regardless whether they are registered to the website or not. However, the person invited is not obligated to accept. They have a choice of accepting or rejecting the invitation. The wide lists of connections in this social network can be either second degree (direct connections) or third degree connections (connections to direct connections). Regardless of the connection, they all offer the benefit of introducing a user to a person they wish to be connected to.

A professional may derive several other benefits from this social network. For example, they can design their own profile to display their community and work experience in addition to uploading their resumes. This website can be used as a means of finding jobs, business opportunities and get learn on new trends on their particular profession as highlighted by another user. Employers also have an opportunity of searching for potential candidates for their profession by listing employment opportunities in the website.





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