Report for the Griffith Observatory on my interest in observing Jupiter

Posted: October 23rd, 2013





Report for the Griffith Observatory on my interest in observing Jupiter

Griffith Observatory is located in a strategic location allowing a wide range of views of the surrounding areas. It also has telescopes on the roof allowing a close up view of the solar system. I have an interest in the solar system and during my observation using a regular telescope; I was able to view Jupiter, which being the largest planet in the solar system offers an opportunity for observation of more details than the other planets. However, the telescope I was using is not strong enough for me to view the finer details. Therefore, there is a need for a telescope that can help me get a sharp view of the finer details about the planet. In this way, I will be able to gain more information on the planet. It is for this reason that a visit to the Griffith Observatory is necessary as the telescope located at the roof is stronger and allows a high-contrast view of any planet enabling one to get more details.

Jupiter intrigues me, and I would like to have a closer observation of the various belts of the planet, as well as its moons. High-power resolution will enable me to view their placement. It will also enable me to observe the atmospheric bands of the planet. Due to the high rotation speed of the planet because of its size, observation on a low-resolution telescope will lead to poor observation as the planet’s view changes constantly and rapidly. With a high-resolution telescope, I will be able to get the fine details fast before the planet changes position and then view the changes. Observation from the Griffith’s telescope will enable me to make quick accurate strip sketches on the atmospheric bands. I can later use these sketches for analysis by comparing them to existing documentation on both the planet and other planets.

With the Griffith Observatory’s displays of previously seen and documented scientific and space imagery, I will have background information on what to look for when observing. This will guide me on where to focus my observation. It will also enable me to identify if I am able to see more details than those previously observed aiding me to contribute to Science. The Griffith observatory is a better observation point since there will be staff helping me to make an accurate view through the 12-inch Zeiss refracting telescope used at night. The telescope at the Griffith Observatory is great as apart from the 12-inch diameter glass lens at the front that allows greater focus, it has a 9-inch refracting lens in the main telescope tube to allow a double view of the object under observation. The telescope, being mounted on a tilted base, ensures that it is in line with the earth’s axis and its rotation by a motor ensures that the observation point remains centered for accuracy in view. The night observation will ensure that I get a clear view of the sky, as the planets are more visible at night. I will especially prefer to visit during the monthly held star party by the Los Angeles Astronomical Society as then there will be a range of telescopes from which to view. That will enable me to have various views and make a number of strip sketches from which to make comparisons.

Visiting the Griffith Observatory will give me a great experience, which will boost my scientific knowledge as well as enable me to have first hand information on a planet I have an interest. it will allow me to know how to handle instruments used in astrology, which will come in handy during my practice as an astrologer.

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