Religious Studies

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Religious Studies

Chapter 1 “Walking the First Path Finding the Center”

1.         In the Lord’s Prayer, it is recognized that God’s love is based on his triune nature as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God’s love to humankind is the only thing a Christian should value and not anything else.

2.         God wants to bring Christians back to His love and He even sent His only Son to die for humanity’s sins. Those who accept Jesus as His son become God’s friend as they have accepted God’s love, which is the centre of Christianity. God does not want human beings to be His enemies as seen in the story of Promotheus; He wants us to be His friend and does not deny Christians anything they ask from Him.

3.         Christians are to make Jesus Christ the center of everything they do, just as in the story of Martha and Mary and not be concerned with the things of the world.

4.         Christians are always to be aware of God’s love that was demonstrated when He sacrificed the life of His only son Jesus Christ. This should encourage Christians to come closer to God.

Chapter 2 “Walking the Second Path: Knowing You’re a Sinner”

1.         In chapter two Christians are being reminded that they are not accepted by God, as their nature is sinful.

2.         By recognizing their sinful ways, they are able to repent and God accepts them into His kingdom. Purgatory is a place where human beings sins are removed before they are accepted in heaven.

3.         The sinful human nature includes being proud, envious of other people and their valuables, anger, laziness, greed, and lust among others.

4.         God does not accept this nature and Christians have to be cleansed through truthful confession. All Christians are to live their lives imitating Christ’s way of life, as God wants us to live a life free of sin, which has consequences.

5.         Jesus is the judge of humanity’s sinful nature as He lived on earth that was full of sins and he was able to overcome sin. He is the perfect judge and he forgives and restores to His kingdom those who repent their sins sincerely. Christians are not to judge others, as Christ is the judge because of the sinful nature of humanity. Christ protects Christians from going to hell as he acts as their shield.

6.         If Christians fully repent of their sins, they are cleansed and when they die, they will be accepted in heaven. Because the nature of humanity is sinful, they have to come to this realization through sincere repentance and confession so that their sins are forgiven and cleansed. Christians are to be humble during confession as God will see in their hearts that they have truly repented and grant them forgiveness and freedom. When people follow their bodily desires such as greed, anger, and envy, they tend to sin as an angry person can even commit murder. Humanity needs salvation so that they stop living a life controlled by their bodily desires. Only through God’s grace are Christians forgiven from their sinful nature.

Chapter 3 “Walking the Third Path: Realizing Your Life Is about You”

1.         In the last chapter, people are being advised that they were created by God and the life they live should be shaped by the way Christ lived while on earth. Christianity is a way of life. God keeps us on this earth and we should live our lives according to His will. God’s will is to give humanity salvation and help people overcome their sinful nature by forgiving them.

2.         Human beings live on this earth because of God’s mercy and therefore they are to obey his commandments. If humanity is able to obey the will of God and they accept all his perfect ways their lives change and they are able to overcome their sinful nature.

3.         By having faith in God because He is the creator of everything, humankind is to live their lives according to God’s principles.

4.         Those who practice Christianity should compare their lives to the way Jesus lived on earth. They should let Christ be the judge of every move they make. Their convictions and hopes should be centered on the trinity of God. Everything they do should be centered on God.

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