Reflection on Christianity

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Reflection on Christianity





Reflection on Christianity

Jesus always talked to the people, choosing to comfort them and give them hope. He wanted people to know and understand that He had come to the earth for them. He showed them how they could depend on Him for direction and guidance in life. This was seen in the way He talked about being the light of the world. He made the people realize that they had no life without God, for He said that He was the way, the truth and the life. Jesus had a lot of love for the people. He loved the people regardless of whether they were accepted by the society. This is best seen in the way He treated the woman caught in adultery. He made the people realize that they are not meant to judge, but they should instead forgive one another. He looked for different ways to show them that they were not alone in the world. He showed them that there was hope after this life. He told them that the God their father was waiting for them in heaven and that He would go and prepare their rooms. He used the story of the prodigal son, to illustrate the love that God had for them. He showed them that there was life and hope even after they had sinned, and that there was no sin too big to be forgiven. Although Jesus was the son of God, he did not live a life that was separate from the people. He instead chose to speak of the things that concerned them, and the ones that gave them joy and filled their hearts with hope.

Jesus wanted the people to know that the Kingdom of God was real and accessible to them. He used the visible and common things to explain the invisible and unknown world to the people. In describing God’s kingdom, he used illustrations that were familiar to the people. He wanted to show them that God’s kingdom was accessible to them, and it was not meant for a select few. Jesus did not come to condemn the sinners, but to show them that they could have a better life in Him. He wanted the people to find rest and peace for their souls, by not worrying about worldly issues such as food or drink, but by laying their burdens on His feet. Jesus wanted to know what people thought about His identity. He wanted to know whether His disciples knew who He was. Jesus always spoke of Himself in the present. This makes His words eternal to those who read them. The lessons and the teachings He gave the people when He was with them, continue to be meaningful to people today. Jesus wanted to show the people that even though they might not see Him, He would always be in their midst. He also wanted the people to fellowship together, for He would be there with them. The early church knew the teachings of Jesus well, and they emphasized this.

The early church was strong in God’s word, believing the teachings of Jesus, and of His disciples. They expected the same miracles that had happened before Jesus was crucified, to happen during their time. They emphasized love for one another and the importance of fellowship with the believers. They believed in the Holy Spirit, and they trusted that He would be their helper, as the Lord Jesus had promised. They also believed that they would do great things, just as Jesus had told them. Their belief in the Holy Spirit was strong and powerful, and they believed that everyone who believed in Jesus Christ should be baptized. The disciples laid hands on all those who had been baptized. As the early disciples passed on, and the church spread to other regions, some of these beliefs ceased to have meaning to the people. The people formed different religions, and they established their own rules and traditions. The people became divided, as they held different opinions concerning religions. The Bible was not there during that time, and only a few individuals had the privilege of reading God’s word. As the Bible became more accessible to the people, they were able to read it for themselves. They realized that there were differences between what was written in the Bible, and the teachings of the church at the time. This led to the creation of other religions. People always found different ways to interpret the Bible, and thus many churches emerged.

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