Reflection letter

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Reflection letter

December 4 2012,

Dear reader,

The portfolio project has been a fundamental aspect of my writing development. This letter gives a brief reflection of my portfolio project. The final reflection is essential for the comprehensive and detailed analysis of my portfolio. Writing has been an essential learning process in the course of my study. It is with this conclusion that I have achieved great success in reaching my writing goals. My primary goals were to understand the concept of writing, proper language structuring, critical research, integration of concepts and conclusive literary work. The course has not been easy, and I have been ravaged by numerous challenges, but I have reached my utmost best. I would like to appreciate your insight and assessment of my reflection. Reading this final reflection will help one have an in depth analysis of my writing experience.

The portfolio necessitated the need to carry out broad research on different issues related to literature, sociology and political satire. My portfolio project has proven to be my best one yet. This is because I dedicated my time and energy to produce the most elaborative piece of writing. The section that appeals to me the most has been my article on social issues related to marriage. “It’s not you it is really me: The causes of divorce,” is an article that entails a myriad of issues that affect the social scene. I centered on issues of divorce, family and society. My piece integrated numerous facts and research that include the CDC/NCHS National Vital Statistics System. The article set the basis from the specific views that affect divorce to the general perspective. It also shows a manifestation of society through which everyone can relate to his or her experiences.

Challenges are a necessary aspect of life. In the course of my project, I encountered various challenges. Some were easy to tackle, but others proved difficult and demanded my patience and understanding. The final section of my portfolio is one such hurdle. I have not been well acquainted with the element of satire through pictures. However, I am always up for a challenge and offering my assessment of the use of pictures in expression was an unfamiliar field. Visual data is broad. This is because the data has two approaches, the visual and actual meaning. It therefore proved hard for me to have a broader view on the political message of the image. In addition, the cartoon also has a political and historical context. The picture shows a person trying to balance the budget and a woman. For a person who does not decipher, he may seem like a formal juggler. However, the actual interpretation is President Bill Clinton who is caught in a difficult situation. This was a period that the president was marred by the Lewinsky scandal.

Before setting out to write the portfolio, I had established some goals and objectives that will be crucial for my writing development. My writing from the onset of the year to now has improved significantly. I started out with short-term goals such as language improvement, sentence structuring and proper grammar. However, overtime I have formulated matured goals that will put my writing at par. I have been able to further understand the concepts of writing. My language structuring methodologies have also been boosted through class activities and assignments. I have been able to write on three different perspectives in relation to literature, social issues and images that reflect political satire. My literary work is also conceptualized in to high standards. In addition, my research skills have also been boosted contrary to my initial approach. In general, my writing development has marked progress towards proper capabilities.

In conclusion, writing is a crucial mode of communication and expression. Understanding the primary concepts in writing is critical in the process of writing development. The portfolio has been a process that is beneficial for further understanding the importance of writing. The lessons learnt from this project are also applicable in other areas of writing. Writing has proven to be the fuel that drives my desire for knowledge.



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