reaction” essays

Posted: October 23rd, 2013





Reaction” essays

The story cathedral by Raymond carver was a good story. I was impressed by how Raymond would have the ability to bring out the character of a person, which seemed caustic and edgy, leading the readers to assume that he will act like a moron. To the reader’s surprise, with the least effort, Raymond transforms the edgy character to act totally opposite to our expectations. In the short story cathedral, Raymond does this with the unnamed narrator. There was also a good suspense. What were the reasons why the narrator did not look forward or happy, towards the blind man’s visit?

When the story further goes on, it becomes clear that the narrator is married. However, it might have been portrayed that the narrator was the officer, to our surprise we end up finding out that the narrator was the second husband to the woman. Moreover, the narrator seems to live a lonely and self-centered life. This is showed when the wife says, “you don’t have any friends” (Carver 101). The narrator is also not open minded and is glad to that way. This is clearly showed when the narrator thinks to himself, “maybe it was just, as well. I had heard all I wanted to (Carver 100).” At the beginning of the story, Raymond brings out the narrator as a highly sarcastic and rude person. Keeping in mind the wife’s friend is blind; he utters, “Could take him bowling” (Carver 101). Overall, he seemed to be a jerk when he narrated, “My wife finally took her eyes off the blind man and looked at me. I had the feeling she did not like what she saw. I shrugged.” The narrator felt jealousy and hence the negative response he expressed when narrating the story. On the first meeting, the narrator continues to show rudeness, in response, Robert, the wife’s blind friend, matches his exact tone, and calls him “Bub”.

However, Robert does not take offence to Bub’s comments and awful attitude; he, in a funny way, reflects the tone and attitude thrown at him. Soon the reader’s opinion changes, when the two men share marijuana together. The reader starts to grow fond of Bub. Bub stops to being self-centered and close-minded and starts to open his mind a larger world. This is evident when he starts to show and explain to Robert how cathedrals look like. The narrator begins by simply explaining the construction structure of the cathedrals. Later on, the narrator shows Robert how the cathedrals look like by holding his hand and tracing the structure of the cathedrals. Robert tells him to close his eyes as they trace. At that time, it was the first time the narrator had the experience of seeing life in the perspective of a blind man besides a normal person. At that moment and experience, the narrator sees the cathedral more clearly than he could ever see in a lifetime using his two own eyes. At that moment, the narrator understands the life of a blind man. Carver, in a less complicated way and in a twist he brings the two men together and the reader finds growing fond to the two men. The cathedral was Carver’s choice to bring the two men together. This shows how the writer put into his story with his least minimal writing style.






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