PSF8630 week 2

Posted: November 28th, 2013









PSF8630 week 2







PSF8630 week 2

Resilience is the inner strength that a person has to overcome any adversity in their life. The three elements of resilience are I have, I am and I can. I have entails knowing that there are people who are close to a person, whom they can trust and love them regardless of what comes their way. It also includes the people in a person’s life who realize when that person is being over board and puts a stop to it. Included in the I have element of resilience is the people who set by example, what is right by doing the right things in their life and are part of a person’s life. The people in a person’s life who are keen on that person learning on their own are also a source of resilience. Lastly, the people who are there for a person when that person is in need, danger, or sick is also part of I have element of resilience.

I am resilience constitutes a person who is likeable and lovable by people. It entails a person who is willing to be there for others in any way and to be concerned for others. A person who is respectful of themselves and others is a part of I am resilience. Another element is a person’s acceptance of responsibility for their actions. In addition, believing that things will be okay no matter what is a strong I am resilience element (Alberta Health Services, 2010).

I can is an element that entails talking to others about a persons fears and what is troubling them. It also consists of looking for solutions to problems that a person is facing. Included in this I can element is the ability of a person to control self from doing something wrong or harmful to them and others. Figuring out the right time to talk to a person or to act is a major advantage of I can resilience in a person’s life. Finally, identifying that a person required someone to help them out when the need arises is vital in I can resilience.

Resilience trajectory is the course that a person chooses to take concerning resilience in their life when faced with a calamity. A factor that can nurture resilience and contribute to it greatly is a family. Family is a close-knit union that provides unconditional love, acceptance, trust and care, which are important in nurturing resilience. A person brought up in a family is taught from an early age on how to care and show concern for other people especially the old. They are also brought up with security in the sense that someone will always be there for them for family ties last a lifetime. In addition to this, they are instructed form an early age to be responsible for the decisions they make and to respect themselves and other people. In a family setup, children are encouraged from an early age to believe in self and to seek help when in need. All these experiences in a family contribute to an individual developing resilience with time to face any setbacks in their life.

I believe I am a resilient person. The factors that have contributed to my resilience are the different experiences I have gone through from childhood. Being part of a close family that shares their secrets and limitations without judgment has also significantly nurtured my resilience. Having reliable friends who are there for me no matter what circumstances, I am going through. Taking responsibility of my actions and avoiding going to the extreme edge even when faced with difficulties in my life have made me a stronger person. Also being there for my friends and family and showing concern for their welfare is a source of strength in my life when am faced with my own difficulties. In addition, realizing when I require help from other people and asking for it though a difficult is a significant contribution to my resilience.

What I can do to enhance my resilience at this stage of my life is being involved in religion more because it is a source of encouragement, spiritual peace and reassurance (MAYO CLINIC, 2011). In addition in religion people form relationships that last over time, that meet to offer comfort in times of adversaries and attend self awareness programs. In religion counseling that is guided by the religious concepts is offered by the leaders that is very helpful in nurturing reliance.



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