Proposed technology solution

Posted: November 29th, 2013

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Proposed technology solution

Converged network solutions are emerging technologies that seek to describe the merging of telecommunication innovations and network architecture into one network system. The convergence involves bringing together separate media like telephones and data communications into a common interface and device. The major processes involved include integration of different systems and digitalization of manual communication systems. Convergence is typically aimed at introducing services such as Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP and satellite technology that will integrate or replaces the older technology (Paul, 2011).

Rapid Freight Company stands to benefit greatly from the converged network solutions that can save on infrastructure costs. Switching to VoIP services means that they can use phone lines to make calls over the Internet. Rapid Freight has an existing Internet infrastructure that can be used thereby reducing the cost of making phone calls and installing the new network. The converged network will also increase productivity and efficiency for Rapid Freight as the network will contribute to lower maintenance costs, lower bills and increased flexibility. Converged networks also serve to boost employee productivity.

Security risks

Converged networks are responsible for transporting data and voice traffic using VoIP platforms that can be a tremendous security risk where hackers can gain new and faster access to data networks. Protecting the network from these new forms of threats may be very costly and influence the decision of switching to converged networks. Converged networks are also more vulnerable to intrusions by outside entities as they increase the number of ways through which this is possible (Dijk, 2006).

Convergence networks also have the threats of losing confidentiality. Such networks are prone to disclosure of information through eavesdropping by other users. The migration to shared IP networks makes it easier to access a wider range of other networks. The privacy of stored data is also at risk because loss of information through vandalism or espionage is relatively easier. There can be a loss of integrity in converged networks when the large number of users can access different file locations. Other threats include Denial of Service (DoS) where certain rights and privileges are denied to users leading to inefficiency and system downtime (Paul, 2011,).

Mitigation strategies

Rapid Freights needs to invest in surveillance systems like CCTV cameras to protect from physical intruders. Rapid Freight can install a combination of asymmetric and symmetric methods of encrypting. They can also install advanced encryption standard on their systems to prevent the illegal hacking by requiring authorization. Regular networks checkups and audits should be done in order to spot foreign devices and users on the network that can infiltrate the network. The software aspects of security such as software and firewalls should be installed and regularly maintained (Dijk, 2006).

The satellite microwave solutions present the biggest challenge as they are easily penetrated. The strategy for ensuring minimum intrusion is to install stout hardware on the satellites, increased physical security on the stations as well as regulating the data flow in and out of the satellites. The threat of data loss can be mitigated by implementing a robust data backup program. This can also be coupled with a system recovery plan in which any data losses originating from theft, virus infection or hardware failures can be reversed. These two last strategies can be integrated into a continuity strategy that will ensure the business can recover in the event of a disaster.


IT architecture diagram


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