Project Management

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Project Management

Jack Nietzsche

It is better to tell Jack the news after he has completed the project because if this is relayed beforehand, it is going to lower his performance and output level. As a result, if Jack performs poorly in the work place, he may face greater consequences including demotion, which is more devastating than the promotion case. In addition, considering that Jack is an emotional person, it is better to strategize on how to break the news in a way that will not affect the company’s progress. After the project is concluded, if the news affects Jack in terms of his performance then the company will be in a better position to handle it without working deadlines. Therefore, I will wait for Jack to complete the project, as well as the assessment and approval phase by the management before relaying the news.

Seaburst Construction Project

The first step is to hold a meeting with the supervisor to let him know of the incident. I would ask him to explain why the equipment was missing. However, I would not entirely blame him because other employees may have been involved. It would be good to use a strategy in which every staff member would suffer various consequences if they failed to be honest about the issue. This would help the employees towards reporting the truth because it is hardly possible for an employee to accept accountability for another’s actions. As a result, the employees would become more open and this would help with the next step. In addition, I would also carry out an inspection on the worker’s lockers without informing them. This is because if they were to be informed, they would prepare themselves by hiding items that steer suspicion. However, if the inspection is carried out unexpectedly, it should be more productive.

The Project Status Report Meeting

In this case, it is advisable not to steer anxiety in the customer but instead make it seem like you have the situation under control. This is because if the client looses confidence in the project, she can decide to withdraw from it and hence leave the company at a loss. Concerning the project, I would inform the client about the technical issue and give her an assurance that the problem was being handled. Additionally, I would assure her of a timely completion.

Gold Star LAN project

I would consult with the head of the accounting department to advice me on how to handle the situation. For example, the accounting manager would probably inform the general manager in order to get the permit for spending more than what was budgeted for in the project’s expenses. If the general manager supports this move, I would sign the document. However, if he does not agree with the idea, I would revisit the materials I listed down and eliminate some unnecessary requirements from the list to fit the initial planned cost.

Greendale Bio- Tech

It is important to share information with the project team because they are a part of project development and therefore any information or update should not be withheld because it will influence their performance in a negative way. For example, if the team is not informed concerning everything, they might hasten the working process leading various inaccuracies. In addition, the information also helps the team in adequate planning concerning the project.


Ryman Pharmaceuticals

The stockbroker should be informed but only after other individuals are aware of the product results. This instills a form of transparency in business operations since clients would be able to make reliable decisions after being informed of the product. In addition, the company will be able to gain customer’s trust and loyalty attributed to honesty. If the engineer withholds information from other potential customers, the stockbroker might be untrustworthy and leak the information to rivals or use it to bribe the engineer. Therefore, it is best if the engineer relays product information to other consumers before including the stockbroker.


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