prescription Retin A versus Environ retinol

Posted: October 17th, 2013

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Prescription Retin A versus Environ Retinol






Prescription Retin A versus Environ Retinol

The human skin should be considered as important because it is an organ, which protects the internal parts of the human body including bones, tissues and muscles among others. The skin is known to help in maintaining and regulating body temperature and enabling humans in acquiring the sense of touching.  With the skin having a large responsibility in sustaining a healthy body, it is important for it to be well taken care of in order to carry out its functionality more effectively. Selecting and using the right skin products is a major step for one to have high quality skin. Two of the main skin care products that are commonly used include Retin A and Environ Retinol.

Retin-A is a skin care product that comprises of vitamin A, which plays a crucial role in renewing the skin and preventing sun damages. The treatment was discovered thirty years back as an element for improving and evening the skin’s tone. This discovery gave way for researchers in finding positive properties of the treatment especially in anti-aging. The vitamin A functions from a cellular level in enhancing the skin’s tone by maximizing the yield of skin-cells. In addition, it also solidifies the skin layer located underneath the outer layer.

Retin-A motivates cells that manufacture collagen, which is a flexible tough structure that provides firmness to the skin. In addition, it can improve one’s health by maximizing the flow of blood in her skin. All this benefits result to one having good skin properties including lesser wrinkles and discolorations, enhanced tone, firmer pores and minimization of damages resulted by the sun. When applying Retin-A, one is required to tenderly wash her face using a serene cleanser that meets the skin requirements of a pH balance.

A pH is an evaluating system for quantifying the amount of acidity or alkalinity in the skin to prevent interference with the skin layer that is minimally acidic. Before applying Retina-A, one should ensure that her face is dry and apply only a small amount of the product. It is advisable for one to dot the cream on different parts of the face avoiding areas such as the eyes, mouth and underneath the nostrils.

During the storing of the Retin-A product, it is important for one to avoid exposing it to sunlight or artificial gleams that come from sunlamps. Retin-A is also known to enable a person’s skin in becoming more sensitive to the sun’s rays and hence it is advisable for one to apply sunscreen on her skin when being exposed to the sun. When one is applying the Retin-A product, it is crucial to prevent it from getting into contact with sensitive areas including the eyes, nose and mouth. However, in case the product enters those areas, one should thoroughly rinse using water.

Retin-A cannot be used by persons having skin problems including dryness, irritation and sun burns. In addition, the product cannot be used for medicating the skin problems and hence it is required that one waits for the skin ailments or problems to heal before applying Retin-A. One is also needed to wash her face in the morning and afterwards use a moisturizer that does not congest the skin pores. In addition, one should also apply a sunscreen While using the Retin-A treatment, it is normal for once to lose patience since it takes a longer period including several months before noticing its positive effect on the skin. In addition, the status of one’s skin becomes a little worse for a short period when he or she begins using the treatment. However, if the negative effect reaches the severe level and the skin fails to improve within a period of two to three months, it is recommended for one to seek medical advice.

There is uncertainty in the effect of Retin-A on pregnancy and therefore, it is crucial for one to inform the doctor about her pregnancy status or plans for being pregnant before applying the skin treatment. In addition, Retin-A consists of an element known as Tretinoin topical, which could mix with the breast-feeding milk and hence endanger a baby’s life. Therefore, one should also inform her doctor that she is breast-feeding before using the product.

Environ Retinol is a skin care product that comes in three categories namely, Environ Retinol 1, Retinol 2 and Retinol 3. All these forms of Environ Retinol consist of high levels of vitamin A through an element known as retinol and bovine colostrum in a formula that does not contain grease. These products can only be used by persons who have been exposed to other Environ skin care products including creams for protection of ultra violet rays. The application of these products is progressive in that when used for a long period, it helps in improving a number of skin ailments.

In addition, the product sustains the health of one’s skin by giving it a younger and vibrant appearance. Environ Retinol is also used for preventing the skin from the negative effects of pigmentation and other skin complications. It accomplishes this by promoting the manufacture of fundamental substances known as collagen and elastin, which facilitates the enhancement the skins’ natural features and increases the level of skin renewal. However, the product cannot be used by persons with sensitive skin.

Environ Retinol is packed in a glass bottle containing a dropper. The glass material used to make the bottle has been designed specifically to prevent the ingredients of the product from being exposed to light. The product comes with numerous benefits including normalizing skin and DNA cells, reducing the manufacture of melanin and the activity occurring in sebaceous glands, thickening the epidermis layer, guarding antioxidants and facilitating the skin hydration process.

Beginners of the product are required to apply once in each day and develop to using it twice a day. The users are required to cleanse their skin before applying the product. One should apply a thin cover of Retinol and wait for it to dry. In addition, one is advised to wear a masque for penetration of the product in the skin. The different types of Environ Retinol are categorized based on the varying concentration levels of vitamin A. This enables users to adjust their skin and acquire the increased benefits from vitamin A over a particular period. For example, due to the varying range of skin types belonging to users, one may find that other users have a better vitamin A tolerance than others. I

In this case, such users might select a category of Environ Retinol that has less vitamin A content. This is why the categorizing of treatment in three forms is considered essential. The treatment is known for restoring vitamin A, which gets lost because of increased exposure to sunlight. The element known as bovine colostrum facilitates the growth features within the skin. Environ Retinol 1 is the category that has key elements including retinol and bovine colostrum.

The difference is seen in the second category known as Environ Retinol 2 whereby it contains additional elements including retinyl acetate, palmitate and retinol.

In addition, Retinol 2 contains a higher level of vitamin A and consists of a formula that is grease free. Retinol 2 can only be applied by people who have adjusted to using other Environ skin care products that contain high levels of vitamin A. However, Retinol 3 has a higher concentration of the same elements, which simplifies the vitamin A saturation within the skin. If one decides to use Retinol 3, she is advised not to intend it for prolonged utilization. Instead, the user should apply the product for a permanent period and then go back to using either of the other two types of Environ Retinol.

In addition, persons who use the product during the day are advised to apply sunscreen. Since Environ Retinol products contain a high concentration of vitamin A, any person who wishes to use the product for the first time is advised to seek a skin care medical expert who is well acquainted with Environ products before using the product.

Environ AVST cleansing lotion is a foamless cleanser which is highly resourceful. The product is also light and water-soluble. The product can be used on all skin categories including oily skin and people from all ages. Environ AVST cleansing lotion helps in cleansing and nourishing the skin. In addition, it assists in sustaining the stability of natural acid in the skin. The product is recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin types since it does not contain any harmful chemical substances that may risk the health of one’s skin.

Environ AVST cleansing lotion contains important elements including jojoba oil, which helps in facilitating skin moisture and hence leaving the skin with a soft appearance. When using the product, one is required to apply it twice a day, morning and evening, after cleansing her skin. The user should massage the product gently and afterwards rinse the face thoroughly using water. The product is also known to be significant appliance that assists in the removal of make-up while failing to irritate the skin. In addition, it helps in purifying the skin by assisting in the removal of polluting elements and impurities from the environment

Environ AVST 2 is a skin care product that helps a person’s skin in adjusting the progressive forces by protecting it from probable retinoid effects. However, the product can also be used by those who have used AVST 1. AVST 2 has a high concentration of vitamin A and antioxidants that help in rejuvenating and repairing the skin. One of the main advantages is that AVST 2 is recommended for all skin categories and ages. The product should be applied twice a day including morning and evening. It contains vitamin A, which helps in normalizing the skin. In addition, it helps in repairing skin damage caused by the negative effects of the sun and pigmentation.

Environ AVST 4 is a skin care product that contains a high concentration of vitamin and an element known as peptide, which facilitates the stimulation of essential elements, collagen and elastin, which treats negative effects of aging skin such as wrinkles. This helps in battling against the physical symptoms of ageing. One of the benefits found in this product is that it helps in normalizing and repairing the skin. It also helps in guarding the skin from negative effects of UV rays. Environ AVST 4 also consists of vitamin C and a chemical known as Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, which helps in improving the skin’s firmness and appearance.

Environ AVST 4 should be used only by those who have used AVST 1, 2 and 3. When using Environ AVST 4, one is expected to apply it twice a day, morning and evening after thoroughly cleaning the face. The user should apply the treatment from six to twelve months before upgrading to use Environ AVST 5. Environ AVST 5 is a skin care product that also has a high concentration of vitamin A and seven great antioxidants, which help in rejuvenating the skin. The product is applied during the day and night and can be used by all skin types.

Environ AVST 5s’ vitamin A helps in normalizing the skin. In addition, it has elements such as Matrixy, which is describes as a peptide that enhances the healthy manufacture of collagen and elastin. In addition, it helps in repairing the damage caused by the sun. It is also known to refurbish and repair the skin cells and hence gives one an increased youthful skin complexion. A person’s skin is left feeling smooth and beaming. The product also contains preservatives since it has no fragrance. Environ AVST 5 is also recommended for all skin categories and ages.

AVST hydrating lotion is a skincare treatment used by individuals with dry skin since it refines the skin’s texture by leaving it feeling smooth. The lotion stops the peeling process through hydration, whereby the skin’s natural moisture is retained

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