New Albany Plain

Posted: November 27th, 2013



New Albany Plain








New Albany Plain

Response 1

The New Albany Plain School has been known for its good reputation especially in terms of academic achievement in the past year. However, the school has shown some decline in the State ranking, which has left many people within and outside the school with various concerns. A good number of issues have been identified as the major causes of the school drop in terms of performance. Therefore, I agree with the writer’s ideas that in order to help correct such a problem from happening again in coming years, new learning methods and ideas have to be implemented. I also agree with the idea of utilizing resources such as the three Ds (Data Driven Decisions) and the 2As (Academic Achievement) in creating good school performance. In opinion, such a program is very vital in improving student performance. This is because I am familiar with the given approach and I have seen excellent performances from those who have previously used the given techniques. In addition, such approaches have been currently developed and are therefore suitable for educating the present generation, which is well versed with the improved technologies.

Response 2

I agree with the writer concerning the idea of implementing data driven decisions as academic achievement tools in schools as away of improving students’ knowledge. However, to some extent I think other methods should also be put in place such as group discussions and extra lessons for all students especially those whose performance is below average. Hence, combining the given approaches I am sure that student’s academic performance is most likely to move up to the desired. I also agree that wrong application of the data driven decisions as an academic achievement tool may become useless if it is not utilized in a good manner. Other approaches such as the Instructional Improvement System are good because they help a lot especially in providing easy access to student information; the technique tries to personalize learning through formative instructions, and expanding value to schools in entire States. All these could be achieved only if teachers are accorded necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them in using the new implanted instructional practices.

Response 3

I strongly concur with the view that following the inclusion of Data Driven Decisions and Academic Achievement programs in school institutions, it has led to a great number of positive changes particularly in aligning current resources that are necessary and helpful in improving classroom instructions. For instance, the programs are good in providing specific information to teachers and the entire administration in a more accessible way. Thus, with such data, State standards will be aligned with new ideas and plans while information concerning the students will be provided. It was interesting to note that the program is able to provide information such as power point programs, training resources and information video. Therefore, it is my desire that I gain more information on these programs so that I may be able to understand given questions and provide right answers that deal with the implementation of new programs. As identified, I agree that the administrator needs to understand and identify teachers who are fit in dealing with such a program in the school because not each one is able to master information concerning new instructions’ practices. Thus, meetings should be initiated in order to help teachers cooperate and outline the best ways to be used in implementing the program. It is quit true that the main purpose for this program is to improve the academic performance of the students for easy results viewing.


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