my ride on a speedboat in the Atlantic Ocean.

Posted: October 23rd, 2013






A descriptive essay is one that provides extensive details on the described subject helping the reader to create a mental picture of it. In this descriptive essay, I will describe my ride on a speedboat in the Atlantic Ocean.

The trip was spectacular, and land seemed much more beautiful and green from the distance on the speedboat in comparison with the blue ocean. The sky was clear and bright making the ocean even more beautiful. The speedboat, which was white in color, was moving at a high speed leaving a rough water trail on the smooth surface of the ocean. It left waves that would disappear into the distance as we sped. I could feel the boat tilt at the front due to the resistance of the water mass to its high velocity.

The breeze blowing on my face was cool despite the hot air at the beach. I had to wear my sunglasses to cover my eyes due to the high speed that caused turbulence in the air. It was, however, welcome as the smell of the breeze was fresh and different from the smell of polluted air on land. The trip made me realize that there were many wonders to be experienced as I felt like I was in a completely different place, and realized how little I appreciated the joys that the world had to offer. The difference between the smooth ocean and the turbulence created by the speedboat made me think of how people go through their lives at a fast pace, failing to appreciate the joys that life has to offer.



A narrative gives an account of connected events, which may be in written or spoken form. Narratives can be differentiated into categories such as non-fictional and fictional accounts of real historical events such as myths and legends. The following narrative falls under the fictional category of legends. It is an account of the legend Robin Hood.

Robin Hood is a character who is part of the English folklore and is famous for his reputation of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor in accompaniment to his group of “Merry Men” (Lee et al. 2009). He was a great swordsman, archer and had exceptional skills in combat. Folklore portrays him and his gang as those living in Sherwood Forest where most of the early form of poetry took place, while other versions of literature claim that he hailed from Yorkshire. Most versions of this folklore present him as an individual who was neither a knight nor a peasant, but his character was in between the two personalities. He was famous for fearlessly fighting injustices against the poor.

His life is shown as that full of adventure. In the woods of Sherwood Forest, he would poach the king’s deer, which was an illegal act. The legend of Robin Hood has been told for over six hundred years and has undergone different variations according to the location and the culture of the people telling the story. This can be attributed to the fact that during his time little was documented about his escapades leaving his story open for speculation. It is, therefore, difficult to determine the parts of the folklore that are true and which are fiction. Most of what is known of Robin Hood is from ballads such as Robin and the Knight, Robin and the Potter, Robin Hood and the Monk, Robin and the Curtal Friar, Robin and the Silver Arrow and The Death of Robin Hood (Lee et al. 2009).



An exemplification essay is one where one tries to explain something that is generalized to the reader by providing many examples to support his/her argument. In my exemplification essay, I will show that contrary to popular belief, the best cheap things in life end up being expensive in the long run.

Most people in life love freebies, and previously, I would agree that there is more joy in using something that one has not paid for or worked hard to obtain. However, I came to learn the hard way that free things end up being far more expensive than earlier anticipated. For instance, there was an occasion in which my computer antivirus expired, and I decided to go the cheap way and download a free antivirus from the Internet. The antivirus software was supposed to protect my computer from viruses and intrusion for at least six months. However, within two weeks my computer had crashed, shutting down completely. I had to take it to a computer specialist to fix the problem. Clearly, the antivirus had not done its work and fixing the problem cost me a greater amount than purchasing a trusted antivirus would have.

Most goods of higher quality are usually more expensive than other low quality goods. For example, when it comes to shoes, those made of leather are much more expensive than the rest. Due to their high quality they last longer than the others, proving to be more efficient in the end. This also applies to engine oil. Using higher quality engine oil will ensure that the vehicle’s engine requires less check-up, as a result, saving on maintenance costs. It is, therefore, true that cheap is expensive.





A process essay is one that provides a step-by-step explanation of a task or an event. By following a process, the reader should be able to complete the task by following the steps indicated. In this essay, I will describe the process of growing radish.

Radishes are fast maturing vegetables and are used in soups and salads (Planet Natural). The steps followed in growing them are as follows:

  1. The first step should be deciding the variety that one intends to plant
  2. The second step is the selection of a suitable site and land preparation.
  3. The third step will be to schedule the planting season as they flourish well in cool weathers.
  4. The planting depth should be determined and the seeds planted at the appropriate depth.
  5. The fifth step will be constantly watering the radish to ensure that grow fast and do not dry up.
  6. The sixth step is harvesting the radish, observing the correct procedure to prevent any damage.
  7. The last step cleaning and storing the radish after harvest.






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