Movie analysis (broback mountain

Posted: November 28th, 2013

The movie Broke Back Mountain depicted the love relationship between two homosexual men, Jack and Elisis. They initially met at a cattle ranch they were working and eventually a friendship formed. After a night of unexpected sex, their relationship shifted from friendship to romantic love. As closet homosexuals, they kept their romantic love secret given the stigmatization towards homosexuality existent in their community. When the work they were involved in at the cattle ranch ended they went separate ways and did not contact each other for a long duration of time.  Four years later, they reunited regardless of being married and continued their romantic relationship for twenty more years through numerous series of upsets.

Their first instance of intimacy was a notable scene in the movie given they slept in the shed close to the cattle and sheep to protect the later from potential attacks. Jack usually slept inside while Elisis outside and since it was cold night Jack invited Elisis to the warmer inside. While they were sleeping, Jack subconsciously pulled Elisis’s hand over his side and on realizing they were holding each other’s hand they were aroused starting intercourse shortly after. This scene portrays the Sexual Response cycle. Specifically from the Kaplans Triphasic model,(Kaplans, 1974 pp 1979) at first they exhibit high physical attraction towards each other and show a high desire to have sex after they realize they were holding hands. Next, they display the Excitement phase demonstrated by their physically aroused state characterized by fast breathing eagerness to have sex and taking off their pants. In response to the highly erotic situation and physical stimulation, they both get erections and Elis starts to have intercourse with Jack. After a short amount of time, they both behave as if they have reached orgasm and are ejaculating by making noises such as “AHH”.  Although the last phase known as the resolution phase occurs after orgasm, the film does not show it and jumps to the next scene that is the sunrise.

Likewise, the same scene is related to another concept in the book, anal intercourse. In the scene described above, Elisis takes off his penis and inserts it into Jacks Rectum. This type of intercourse needs lubrication to ensure comfort for both partners (Hyde, Delamater 2O1). Similarly, Elis uses his salvia to lubricate his penis and to moisten Jacks’ anus. They also use the rear entry position, which is one of the positions used for anal intercourse. This scene is different from research results on gay sexual techniques that indicated gay men used anal intercourse less frequently as compared to other sexual expressions contrary to public believe on gay sexual techniques. In addition, “homosexuals take their time” and are less goal oriented compared to straights.

Moreover, gays use extensive nipple stimulation (Masters&Johnson 2011) instead of the associated sexual expressions and techniques. The type of love they exhibit is related to the concept of Love Triangle (Sternberg 1986).  According to love triangle theory, Jack and Elisis are in the “Passionate Love” region (Hyde & Delamater 2O11) described as “closely matched involvement” type of love. Throughout the film Jack and Elis show high desire for sexual intercourse and are aroused by each other’s touch consequently showing lots of affection towards each other through actions such as kissing as well as padding. They also have subsequent dates in Brokeback Mountain where they meet to have sex. This aspect of their relationship is related to the “Passion” component of love. Throughout the movie, they show a high level of attraction and desire for sexual intimacy towards each other demonstrating a high level of Passion between them than intimacy and commitment. They also display moderate amount of intimacy as exemplified in the scene where Jack tells Elis he can not stop thinking about him and misses him a lot. Lastly they lack commitment in their relationships especially from Elis perspective whom disagrees with Jack’s decision to live together. For instance, Jack and Elis got into a fight at the Brokeback Mountain, where they met for the last time resulting to Jack telling Elis, “Ive  been asking you to move in with me for the pas 2O years so we won’t be having this miserable life that we have right now” and again Elis rejects this decision. As a result their love triangle is closely but not perfectly matched.

In conclusion, Jacks and Elis’s relationship had similarities with other typical relationships in regards to their expressions and techniques while differing in some notable aspects. The differences can be attributed to the homosexuality trait and associated stigma where they had to alter their pattern of relationship to avoid being stigmatized by the public such as limiting their dates in the mountains. Some of their expressions, techniques and the type of love were similar to heterosexual relationships while others dissimilar to homosexual relationships. For example, anal intercourse occurs less frequently in homosexual relationships but it happened regularly with them. Though they had good times in their relationship they had numerous challenges since they could not carry on the relationship as healthy and stable like other couples who freely live together and express love without a problem of becoming stigmatized. Another reason was mismatch in commitment especially from Elis who rejected commitment and only wanted to see Jack once month. This was probably the strongest reason they had an unstable relationship.

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