Marketing Offers Exciting Career Opportunities

Posted: November 29th, 2013





Marketing Offers Exciting Career Opportunities

Marketing Communications Manager

            A marketing communications manager has a very important role of designing pragmatic communication channels to raise the consumers’ awareness on the products of the company. His or her professionalism lies on creative promotion of the company’s products that gives valuable information to both potential and established clients. Therefore, their education structure should encompass precise tactics for equipping an individual with knowledge based on both communication and marketing. A marketing communications manager should posses the ability of applying theoretical aspects on practical grounds (Purvis 65). Marketing communications managers should have attained good grades at the high school level and successfully proceeded to college. They should have accomplished bachelor degrees in Management, Business Administration, Communication and Marketing. In addition, they should be computer literate with basic communication skills. It will also be of their advantage if they grasp a certificate in Business Communication and Marketing and Sales. Their internship and training programs should entail public relations, marketing research and characteristics of consumers. They enjoy a salary range of $40000-$ 130000 based on the degree of qualifications. The role of a marketing communications manager is to inform the marketing manager of the market characteristics, to develop and manage the marketing communications team and to deliver various pragmatic communication channels for marketing the products of the company. He or she should be a dedicated team player (Egan 55).


            Marketing communications managers are faced despite their admirable roles. They often find it difficult to maintain their teams when their members complain of too much, yet the company’s goals must be accomplished. There is also a lot of accounting he oversees, which can be tedious and discouraging. Sometimes they strain to beat the deadline and organize awareness campaigns for the products. However, these challenges can be minimized by online applications that give consistent updates on costs, activities and their assignments.

Marketing Consultant

            A marketing consultant in a company is a person who develops marketing strategies suitable for the company’s business and ensures they are applied in the system. Marketing consultants are interested in creating and sustaining the business of the company. For one to be a marketing consultant, he or she must possess a bachelor degree in marketing. He or she would also be in a better position to get the job if they have a Masters degree in Business Administration or Marketing. A marketing consultant should have a dense aptitude in additional areas like Finance, Accounting, Psychology, Communication and Law. He or she should have at least a five-year experience in marketing to be capable of his job. Market consultants should be instrumental in the company by defining applicable marketing strategies to allow for coordination between them and market communications managers. These strategies must be in line with the core objective of the business. They should exhibit characteristics of instilling unity and adequacy in the marketing team. They should be able to liaise with customers and organize all sorts of projects. They should be able to design a good market plan. Therefore, he or she should more analytical. Their salary range is between $30,000-$120,000 depending on the qualifications and executions (Engelke and Hermann 294).


            A problem develops when business clients have more expectations than their investment on marketing. Sometimes it is difficult to be creative to entice clients and understand their needs. However, consultants can overcome these by being patient and persistent while dealing with the clients.

















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