Major Problems in American Popular Culture

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Major Problems in American Popular Culture

Part 1

The consumers are the recipients of what is offered through the media, the entertainment industries and other businesses targeting particular groups of people. From the late 19th century during times of the silent movies to the current period, the culture continues to be influenced by the evolving technology. What seems to be consistent is that the consumers give the entertainers and the advertisers a reason to be more creative. The consumers are the recipients when the culture is altered.

The advertisers, film producers and automobile producers are influenced by the surrounding culture. However, they come up with innovations. These innovations go back to the consumer who may incorporate them into their lives thus making them a culture. By 1960, televisions were so influential that they filled the recipients with desires to return home (pg. 331).

As Walt Disney World began in 1923, its main aim was to provide entertainment to the family thus beginning with the Alice in Wonderland comedies. Since then, the entertainment from this production house has incorporated entertainment that is of family viewing thus influencing the family entertainment culture. The films viewed are influenced by the actions in the globe. The producers then come up with products that may include fiction, for instance, Pirates of the Caribbean, which has the reality of the pirates and the fiction of their actions. When such programs are aired, they influence the children’s culture of entertainment.

Part 2

Since the incorporation of magazine advertisement in the advertisement sector in 1880 (185), the advertisement industry, has been very influential in the culture. Today, many young girls, teenagers and women have gone to considerable lengths in order to look like the models in the advertising magazines that have slim figures. This has brought the culture of “slim is beautiful and fat is ugly” in the young people’s lives. The alteration of culture impacts the young and the youth the most.

In the entertainment industry, the hip-hop culture, which is very popular today especially among the African Americans, has been promoted by the music and the film industry (pg. 382). Today’s youth is more liberal than the youth in the late 19th century or the early 20th century. Although there are other circumstances responsible for this change, the television and film industries have a major role to play. In the early 1920s, sexual scenes were greatly censored. Unfortunately, today’s films and television programs incorporate many sexual scenes, which have no emphasis on the use of protection. Since the film industry has become very influential, the young people are conveyed with the notion that sex and adultery is right as long as you know how to ‘get out’ when you are caught.

Part 3   

Being a religious person, I tend to believe in faithfulness, settling disputes through dialogue rather than pursuing fights, among other beliefs. The morals I have always believed in are portrayed differently in these advertisements and films. Such ethical values as being faithful in marriage and having sex after marriage were greatly advocated. The impact of the evolution impacts my life negatively.

Adultery is always justified as the way to get out of marital problems as long as you did not love your spouse to begin with. The new media has revolutionized the entertainment industry with the limited censoring taking place (415). The hero in a movie is the one who kills the most at the end of the movie. The successful businessman who has acquired his wealth through fraudulent activities emerges as the hero. Not all these affect me, but they will affect my children who are greatly influenced by such heroic films.

Work Cited

Franz, Kathleen & Smulyan, Susan. Major Problems in American Popular Culture. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print.

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