Magnificent Music

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Magnificent Music







            Every organization or company should foster resilience strategy in order to thrive in the constantly changing market. This requires the company to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to advance its performance for good returns while still focused on its business goals. Success will depend on well-defined strategies that encompass all aspects, which will keep the company at the forefront in competition. Resilience strategy allows the company to develop a performance culture including human factors necessary for managing change. Aquaswift is a brand new organization founded by a small group of entrepreneurs. The company will have its focus on selling beverages that include fresh juices, bottled water, alcoholic and soft drinks. The management team intends on taking a Human Factors class to ensure that every employee adheres to the code of ethics and it administers with the right approach (Miller, 2012). Previously, the current members of staff were in companies that rewarded wrong things and there were limited efforts towards success. Therefore, the new company has developed a new concept as a competitive advantage in the market.

Aquaswift plans to have a large number of employees who have expertise in a variety of instruments and voice to produce magnificent music. Thus, the criteria of recruiting the company’s staff will depend on the applicant’s music capability and the ability of the applicant in performing mundane tasks in the office as well to increase Aquaswift’s business performance. The company aims at having flexible employees who can perform different required tasks. In order to maintain employee loyalty the management will ensure that they are satisfied and their interests are considered. This new organization should exhibit explosive growth by having its employees hired frequently for music performances or concerts. Clients describe the type of events they need the musicians for and the company chooses various individuals among the employees. Therefore, the company must employ a favorable ethics policy to have sustainable growth with a dedicated and resilient staff.

Ethics Policy

            Aquaswift expects that all employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders comply with the code of ethics in the business environment. It intends to create an admirable organization culture. The ethics policy will highlight mechanisms for enforcement and consequences of non-compliance to protect the new organization from misconduct by any of the stakeholders (Miller, 2012). The policy will also provide guidelines for the large number of employees to prevent them from breaching rules in the organization. Moral values in the organization will help it to establish a reputable culture as it will uphold fairness and equality in favor of employees. Since Aquaswift has its focus on robust growth, the ethics policy will unite people in the organization creating feasible strategies and new ideas. Therefore, the code of ethics will assure the company long-term profitability.

Conduct and Behavior Standards

            All Aquaswift employees should perform their tasks with professionalism with an aim of contributing to the success of the organization. They should base their interests in the organization’s standards and values in the business environment. Ethical business practice will be evident in each employee’s integrity and honesty. Employees must prepare detailed financial and marketing reports with precision and be flexible enough to have good musical performances for the organization’s image. Misuse of Aquaswift’s property such as internet services, musical instruments, telephone services, beverages and other supplies will exhibit as unethical conduct. Employees should only use the resources for the benefit of the organization. There will disciplinary action on employee misconduct.

Involvement in the Community

            One of Aquaswift’s goals is to support the community’s initiatives and local charities by sponsoring activities that improve the welfare of people in the environment. Every docket in the organization should to support the community initiatives through its charitable donations policy. The organization will produce voluntary music concerts with performance from the employees twice a year to entertain the community and ensure that people have a good perception of its image.

Information Security

            Each employee should practice confidentiality in handling organization’s ideas, secrets, marketing and pricing strategies, customer lists and valuable business assets. Employees should not disclose the company’s valuable information to any outsider without authorization and should use the discrete information to gain a better understanding of the organizations business strategies and plans. Aquaswift’s business plan will face distortion if there is inadequate protection of information. Leaked information will limit its competitive advantage in the market and reduce its chances of success.

Employment and Discrimination

            Aquaswift employs human resilience strategy requiring its employees to be flexible in all the operational activities. In this regard, the organization values all its employees because they have immense contribution towards its success. Employees are talented in the field of music and can execute office tasks as well. Therefore, they are entitled to fair terms of employment and appropriate opportunities to develop both musical and official skills. The top management should honor the applicable terms and conditions for employment. It is the duty of Aquaswift to provide a favorable working environment for its workforce. The environment should promote good health and human safety. The company encourages the employees to report health and safety concerned to the person in charge in the business unit. Aquaswift encourages diversity and inclusion hence; all employees regardless of their race, religion, culture, gender, disability or sexual orientation should enjoy equality, dignity and respect. Any form of harassment or humanity violation is a breach of the code of ethics.

Ethics in Marketplace

            All promotional activities of Aquaswift should be truthful and proper. The organization should maintain fair and ethical practices in the market competition. There will be no exaggeration in the advertisement of the company’s beverages. Products and services should stand on their own merit and quality. Valuable product information such as on alcoholic drinks should be included in the advertisement to show that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to one’s health (Lawrence, & Weber, 2011). The organization should provide customers with adequate information concerning the products, prices and services and apply supply terms when dealing with suppliers. Aquaswift must not infringe on the patents, copyright or trademark of other competitors in the market. The company’s staff should deal with client and supplier complaints fairly and with immediacy.

Compliance with Laws

            Aquaswift recognizes and respects the laws and regulations of the countries and other jurisdictions of its operational activities. It is the duty of the top management of each docket to ensure that employees follow the law to the letter (Miller, 2012). Therefore, employees should communicate with their particular managers to verify the laws to avoid misinterpretation. The company should handle government contracts and tenders through control procedures. The law prohibits beverage companies from selling alcoholic drinks to persons under the age of 18 years. Aquaswift upholds this law by ensuring that clients of alcoholic drinks are above the ages of 18 years through an identification system. The organization also observes the rule of business tax and employee income tax.

Disciplinary Action

            There will be disciplinary action on individuals in the organization who breach the ethics policy. Employees who infringe Aquaswift’s ethical standards will face oral or written reprimand. Further breach can result to suspension of the employee or termination of the employment contract (Sharp, 2006). Employees are required to report incidences of misconduct or infringements to the appropriate authority for rectifications and resolutions. The senior management and the business unit management should also respect the rights of the employees.

Policy Implementation and Concerns

            Every employee and supplier should possess a copy of the ethics policy and should adhere to each requirement. Each business unit of the organization has a manager whose duty is to oversee the performance of employees in his or her docket in relation to the ethics policy (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010). The senior management receives reports on all employee concerns due to vagueness in the organization. It is the duty of managers and officers to investigate alleged violations of the organization’s ethics policy so that it experiences business continuity and success. The board of directors will address the proven violations or infringements and ensure fulfillment of the organization’s legal obligations.


            Concisely, Aquaswift’s ethical policy will give it a clear direction of operating its activities to experience robust growth. It will also enable the organization to integrate the magnificent music concept in its business activities and ensure that employees cooperate with limited tension. A common culture will unite all stakeholders and improve the company’s image thereby attracting more clients to buy its products and services. The resilience strategy incorporated in the policy will serve to put it at the forefront in the competitive market. Therefore, the policy will magnify the efforts of every employee towards success and ensure that business practices are in line with ethical values that reflect human factors.




















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