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Posted: November 27th, 2013






Letter to a Company











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October 17, 2011


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Dear Sales Director,




On October 10, 2011, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini mobile phone of serial number 345621678954 and IMEI number 90879876567898765432 at one of your outlets in the city center. I bought the phone for 200 dollars to which I was given a receipt and a one-year warranty along with it.


Unfortunately, the mobile phone has not worked well since I purchased it as it is frequently losing network reception and is unable to send text messages. The phone cannot also maintain electrical charge for a day and the fact that it uses up its battery life in less than six hours makes the battery heat up very much. I am disappointed because in your commercial you promised effective services from the phone and a maximum life devoid any problems to be about twelve years. I do not also understand why the battery life is very short while it is written on the packaging box that the minimum battery life is one hundred hours of talk time. The heating factor is also dangerous, as I understand that lithium ion batteries are prone to explode thus evidencing a second problem.


To resolve this problem, I would appreciate if you would change my phone and give me another one or reimburse my money if no other similar type of is in stock. Enclosed are copies of the official documents I acquired after purchasing the phone including a copy of the receipt, the warranty certificate, the IMEI number and the phone’s serial number.


I look forward to your reply and a proper resolution to my problem. I am willing to wait until November 1, 2011 before I seek help from the federal consumer protection agency. Please contact me for further information on the above address or on my home number at +12345678897.





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