Lesson Plan

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Lesson Plan







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The lesson entails the studying of English verbs. It caters for three student levels namely, beginning, intermediate and advanced level. It requires the student to have a practical comprehension on different verbs and the construction of sentences.


            By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • Name simple shapes in English
  • Construct sentences using verbs
  • Have oral skills for pronunciation
  • Have comprehension skills


            In the beginning level, three students will be called by the instructor who will ask them to mime after she whispers action words to them. Orally, students will give ideas on what helping verbs are. This will involve short explanations, drawings and pictures.

In the intermediate level, the class will be divided by the instructor into three groups. Each group will be instructed to have a representative who receives a piece of paper that has a reflexive verb written on it. Subsequently, group members will act out the action written on the piece of paper given to the group representative after which they will construct sentences using the action. A reward for the group that constructs the most correct sentences will be available.

In the advanced level, students will be given a passage in the present tense, and they will be required to rewrite it as reported speech in past tense. The students will be expected to develop a short skit to demonstrate the use of verbs.


            The necessary materials in the lesson will include:

  • Textbooks on different types of English verbs
  • Dictionaries for advanced level
  • Bilingual translators for advanced level
  • Pictures and drawings


            Each student level will have its unique assessment. The assessment will determine the students’ progress in the lesson according to their levels. The alternate assessment will be applied in the beginning level where short explanations, drawings and pictures will be used. After the students give their ideas on helping verbs orally and the instructor explains, they will be assessed on participation and the short sentences on their activities at home.

In the intermediate level, the modified or simplified assessments will be used on the students. They will be based on the students’ participation in class and their composition writing using seven or more reflexive verbs. The composition will be about the roommate’s activities.

Modified and accommodated assessments will be used in the advanced level. The students will be allowed to use bilingual translators and dictionaries. They will be assessed on their ability to convert present tense sentences to past tense and reported speech using verbs. Their participation in class will also be measured in the assessment. The homework given to students at each level will be follow-up activities.

Self Evaluation

            After the lesson, the instructor will evaluate his own efforts according to the students’ performance. This will identify the areas that need improvement and the strengths of the teaching. The process will data from the assessments at each level, longitudinal data snapshots, observation checklists and scoring  rubrics showing student performance. Students in the beginning level should be able to name simple shapes in English, those in the intermediate level should possess comprehension skills and those in advanced level should be flexible in verb tenses. The data obtained from the academic and language assessment form will enable the instructor to employ differentiated and modified instructions in the next lesson according to the degree of student comprehension.


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