Leadership and Community Involvement

Posted: November 30th, 2013





Leadership and Community Involvement

Leadership is one of my strongest qualities as it comes naturally. It has aided me in understanding the plights of others as well as offering solutions and help to those in need of my help as a leader. In addition, in many instances of assuming the leadership role, I have encountered numerous problems, which could be simply described as out of my scope.

I first encountered my role as leader while in high school whereby due to my decisiveness and good mathematical skills I was elected as the vice chairlady of the high school mathematics club. This role seemed an easy task but was plagued with challenges. It was difficult to meet all the expectations, as it is impossible to please all individuals within the mathematics club. Some individuals within the club had their individual plans for the club such as swindling funds belonging to the club but could not do so because of the required majority to gain access to the funds. I was also responsible for the organization and management of mathematics symposiums. In addition, I was also responsible for the issuance of promotions within the group to the hardworking and diligent members who showed interest in various positions within the club. I also offered individual sessions of encouragement to individuals who sought time to speak with me on their individual troubles, which affected their performance and productivity in school.

Apart from school-based activities, I was also involved in community services. I used to volunteer at my local social services agency. This was one of the most important involvements in my life as it enabled me to build a better understanding of my community and to enhance my social and interpersonal skills. As part of my community service voluntary program, I helped in initiation of events such as dancing competitions, sporting activities with the aim of enhancing the self-esteem of the elderly with whom I had a lot attachment. In addition, through the program, I was able to encourage such individuals and make them feel as part of the community. From my involvement in the community program, I was awarded an honorary certificate indicating my long-term involvement and service in the various community programs.

I have also been involved in the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), which is tasked with helping millions of people displaced by war around the world. I started giving out my contributions to the agency with the aim of helping those who rendered vulnerable by conflicts. Furthermore my community involvement has been enhanced further by my experience as a teaching assistant as an internationally accredited kindergarten in my community. This is one of my greatest experiences because of the need to help children given their innocence at the tender ages.

Helping children and teaching them helps form good character in their later years as the good virtues and morals become part of their habits and thus behavior. My responsibilities as the teaching assistant in the kindergarten were to assist the teachers in caring for the young ones. In addition, I was also tasked with ensuring that the teachers had good teaching environments and ensuring that the children ware able to follow their lessons appropriately.

In the kindergarten, I also assumed a disciplinary role in the institution by ensuring that the children who were misbehaving or mischievous were forwarded to the principal’s office. In addition, I was also tasked with helping the children to overcome their individual troubles by encouraging them, and enhancing their self-esteem, which determines their interactions with other students as well as their performance in curricular and extracurricular activities.

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