Lack of Communication in a Relationship

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Lack of Communication in a Relationship

Every relationship requires fostering in order to facilitate its growth. Various factors contribute to the nurturing of a relationship. For instance, relationships require trust, honesty, commitment, dedication, patience, tolerance, love and above all, communication. Communication is the most important feature that enables relationships to grow. The factor allows couples to convey and express their thoughts and emotions regarding any particular aspect that affects or does not affect them. Lack of communication in a relationship only creates misapprehension among couples. Hence, it is appropriate to assess the causes and effects of lack of communication in a relationship.


Various factors lead to lack of communication in relationships. These factors vary from one relationship to another. However, there are common causes that amount to suppressed communication among couples in relationships. One factor that represses communication in relationships is work related stress. Stress is a common factor in the present age that affects most relationships. Usually, people suffering from stress become withdrawn. They decide to reserve their thoughts to themselves. Stress also causes the individual to become reserved. The person is also susceptible to irritation. Such reasons attributed to stress force the affected partner in the relationship to abhor from discussing any matter with their spouses. This is because the partner is too fatigued to talk.

Mistrust is also another causal factor leading to lack of communication in relationships. In this instance, a partner may be contemplating doubts about the other spouse. Usually, mistrust is created whereby one partner engaged in a dishonest act such as an affair. Such dishonest acts only compromise trust between couples such that despite resolution, the level of trust exhibited in the relationship decreases. Hence, mistrust in relationships is characterized by a spouse doubting the other partner’s loyalty to the relationship. The doubting partner commences with silent observation of the other spouse’s actions. However, lack of communication becomes evident where the doubting spouse does not convey the doubts he or she contemplates regarding their spouse. This only leads to wrong judgments regarding a partner’s actions that will lead to an unhealthy relationship.


The effects of lack of communication in a relationship are considerable. These effects are mainly drawn from the long-term effects of the causes of suppressed communication among couples. One effect of suppressed communication in relationships is misunderstanding. Misunderstanding results from arguments between couples. Such arguments are usually based on lack of communication between the partners. This is because the issues argued on were no discussed foremost. Instead, reserving such thoughts on the given issue without talking about it serves as an ingredient for contentious arguments between couples. The arguments cause partners to become susceptible to negative emotions, which induce to hurt each other and thus do not provide a solution to the issue in question.

Another effect arising from repressed communication is lack of intimacy and romance. Usually, intimacy and romance are matters that couples prefer not to communicate about regularly. Failure of lack of communication on such a matter can eventually lead to the destruction of the relationship. The reasons attributed to lack of communication regarding such a determinant issue in relationships are based on differences between men and women. Women usually think that communicating such a need will lead to her being disrespected. On the other hand, men feel that not communicating his wants results from the partner not willing to satisfy the needs.

Communication is essential for relationships. It forms the basis for the growth and development of any relationship. Some people are not used to this particular fact since they are not able to express themselves. However, communication can be encouraged by understanding the affected partner since communication does not necessarily border on expression but also on support, respect and understanding of the other partner.

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