Kraft Marketing in Latin American vs. the United States.

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Kraft Marketing in Latin American vs. the United States.








            Marketing management in any organization is one of the main elements that enable the business to attain its sales targets, thus it is very important to understand marketing trends and strategies. Kraft marketing offers a better insight as to how an organization should respond to consumer needs. In the United States, the main aspect of marketing was based only in developing consumer products that were to address the general needs of the consumer. Whereas, in the Hispanic market, Kraft marketing managers were to develop value added products that were to enhance lives of the consumers, create an emotional link, and respond to consumer needs. The question on the differences of Kraft marketing in the United States helps us to understand how companies should mainly focus on customer needs and satisfaction. This research is can be done through a questionnaire that would enable to get more details about the product including the strengths and weaknesses of the products. A questionnaire also helps to get new ideas as to the preferences of the consumers. This would help to analyze and understand the strategies and methods used to l in these markets.


            The main interest for the research is Marketing management. Market management involves use of techniques in marketing and the management of the marketing resources. Marketing management offers a completely new insight as to how an organization is able to meet its goals. This can be achieved by use of the different marketing techniques to influence the demand for products by the market target. The techniques can include; the identification of the customer needs, channels for achieving the goals and the target market. In Latin America Kraft was able to identify the Hispanic mothers as the main target consumer of its products. It set out that it was going to attract its consumers by value-added products-canned food. The main channels for achieving this would be creating a relationship between the Hispanic mothers and the products. Strategic planning for Kraft in Latin America posed a challenge due to the different customer preferences and the channels for communication, which were different from those in the United States.Thus there is, need to establish the dynamics of the market in both countries to ensure that they differ from each other.

Research question:

How is Kraft Marketing approach in Latin American Different than in United States?

Literature Review;

Previous research revealed that management offers a vital approach to the full realization of the organizational set goals. Marketing and its management offers an organization with new clients in the general market as researched by M. Isabel Valdes in her book ‘Marketing to American Latinos’, this reiterates the fact that marketing is a vital tool in an organization. Thus, it is important to establish more reasons for conducting marketing and the advantages. In the publication, the Kraft Company  was not doing well in the Latin market due to the lack of understanding of the Hispanic market, thus, the call for an in depth analysis., as opposed to the United States where there was an understanding of the general market hence the reason for a good performance.


The market is broad as it consists of the entire population, but the main point of entry to the market is specifically through Latino mothers.(vakldesThe use of questionnaires enables to establish a view as to the thoughts of the population regarding the products. Questionnaires are important in that they also give the person being interviewed the opportunity to give feedback or views regarding the specific product in question. This helps to establish customer satisfaction with regard to both markets. The study can take place by interviewing people in their homes individually such that it becomes possible for them to answer the questions and get instant feedback.However it may take several days to have a detailed study of the population and to tabulate the results. The use of questionnaires helps to establish more about the views of the consumer in relation to the Products in both markets to establish an ides as to the main reason sales are on the increase or decrease. However, questionnaires are weak in that they are prone to manipulation by people, they can give false views about the information in question. Thus, they at times do not reflect a true and fair view regarding the questions in the questionnaires.



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