journal article summaries

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Journal Article Summaries

The Importance of Human Resources Management in HealthCare: A Global Context is an article that gives a comparative evidence of varied views concerning the performance of human resource management in healthcare. The article evaluates diverse literature work and derives implications for health care professions, policy makers and managers in the sector of healthcare. It examines the recent views about human resource management in healthcare and their performance. In addition, it includes the previous views about human resource in healthcare. The article uses various methodologies, findings and recommendations and the focus of human resource management in healthcare.

The findings of the article reveal that there is a relationship between the various practices of human resource, guiding principles and the performance. A little research finding explores the link between human resource and healthcare even though it is an essential for human resource professions. The article gives an insight of implications of research in the health sector (Kabene, Orchard, Howard, Soriano and Leduc, 2006).Recent research findings that were done indicate that the practices of human resource associated with the outcomes of patients yielded little information through which human resources affect the performance of health workers and that of the patients.

The article reveals different methodologies that were used to obtain the information about the understanding of health professions and their experience in the health sector. For instance, the procedures through which human resources affected the performance were examined. It was found that human resource plays essential roles in the performance of healthcare. The article indicates some increasing sovereignty for healthcare associations in the United Kingdom. In addition, the article gives alternative methods of research and practices in light of present research methodologies that can lead to a better performance in the health sector.

The article, Human Resource Management and Performance in Healthcare Organizations addresses the importance of human resource management in the global perspectives. It addresses their roles in the healthcare organization especially their contribution to the better outcomes and delivery of services in healthcare. The article reveals how human resource management is crucial to any healthcare organization and how it can lead to a better performance in the healthcare system. It provides various methodologies such as the use of secondary data to develop new strategies effective for improving healthcare services.

The article examines the case studies from different countries such as Canada, Ghana, the United States and many others with suggestions on how to overcome the problems that face healthcare sectors globally. It gives proper implementation techniques that human resource managers should practice to promote efficiency management in healthcare. The article examines human resource issues globally and raises questions on them (Harris, Cortvriend and Hyde, 2007). In addition, it analyzes the impact of human resource as well as identifying the trends followed to transform the health sector.

The article concludes that proper human resource management in the health sector is essential because they contribute to a high quality of services in healthcare. The article reveals that human resources are the key to the success of the organizations. This is because they help the organizations to meet their objectives and it is easy to identify goals through them. Therefore, resource managers should be involved at all levels of planning. They ensure that issues that affect health workers are raised and well addressed through active engagement in policy planning at all levels. The authors of this article reveal that there should be a strong understanding between health workers and human resource managers for the success of healthcare programs. The authors recommend that more research and involvement of human resource managers on policy formulation lead to a better performance in healthcare organizations.


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