Job opportunities in the field of environmental health

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Job Opportunities in the Field of Environmental Health

Question One

Entry Level Infrastructure Engineer

I found the job posting online from the Washington State Department of Transportation website through the link The retrieval date was 5 July 2011.

Habitat and Stewardship Coordinator

I came across the job through the internet from the Environment Career Opportunities through the website link with the date of retrieval being 5 July 2011.

Question Two

Entry Level Infrastructure Engineer

Individuals fit for this position have to possess an undergraduate degree in civil engineering or structural engineering. Current students pursuing the same courses are also eligible to the vacancies with the limitation that they have to be senior scholars remaining with nine months or less before the acquisition of the degree award. The latter group is therefore mandated to acquire an Engineer-In-Training official permit to ascertain their credibility for the position.

Habitat and Stewardship Coordinator

Individuals interested in the position require an undergraduate degree in science. Unlike in the entry-level provision, only individuals through with the graduation process are liable with no provision for internship or temporal positions.  The vacancy however is broad in nature and does not restrict individuals to a single scientific course but rather any that fits the description. However, courses bearing a close relationship to habitat preservation would be more advantageous to an individual due to the knowledge element. For instance, an individual having a degree in marine studies is better placed in the field as opposed to another bearing a degree in engineering.

Question Three

Entry Level Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure engineering affects land as an environmental component. Road constructions have to conform to the desired stipulations accorded by environmental analysts and ecological agencies in a bid to conserve the ecology. With the progressive nature of urbanization however, roads and other infrastructures will continue being part of the community. The best approach would be in upholding the least level of land degradation in the projects for enhanced societal wellbeing. Ecological effects on the construction sector reveal the nature of human activities on the environment.

The strongest element for this job would be engineering as it deals with road constructions and it will aid the candidates in acquiring a direct interaction with the system. Education too serves as a useful element but it is limited by the fact that it offers more of the theories as opposed to practical sessions that are more helpful. The enforcement element is actually embedded within the engineering aspect in the actualization process as it involves learning.

Habitat and Stewardship Coordinator

Water conservation plays a significant role in preservation of marine life. This is inclusive of rare species as well as the endangered ones within the globe. Enhancing the periods for survival for these species also aids the educational institutes in the conduction of studies to reveal patterns like lactation periods, breeding, mating, lifespan, and gender differences amongst others. By observing such conservation, other environmental elements like land are also enhanced; this is inclusive of the human populace through clean supplies of food and water. This relationship is indicative of the healthy association between living things and the environment.

Education acts as the strongest aspect in this job as it affords an individual with the relevant knowledge required to have optimal management of the same. Engineering acts as more of a technical factor and this would limit the ability of the coordinator in associating with the human aspect, as the habitat will involve outdoor aquatic sessions for learning purposes. For instance, engineering limits the association element and communication skills mandated for proper management of the post. Additionally, enforcement cannot be achieved void the education aspect.

Question Four

Entry Level Infrastructure Engineer

The salary given ranges from between forty three thousand five hundred and seventy two dollars and fifty seven thousand two hundred and forty dollars in a yearly duration. Averagely, Washington has an average cost of living amounting to thirty thousand one hundred and fifty eight dollars within the annual duration. Therefore, an individual is well able to meet the overheads and employ the rest in other activities.

Habitat and Stewardship Coordinator

The initial salary is fixed between twenty eight thousand five hundred dollars and thirty thousand dollars for every month. Note that the accorded figures are non-inclusive of the benefits attached to the package. The relative living costs within the region amount to thirty seven thousand seven hundred and two thousand within a monthly period. Therefore, even with the inclusion of the benefits, one would be left with very little percentage on the remuneration for saving purposes. Therefore, the salary package requires a review that will revise the figure upwards.













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