Posted: December 2nd, 2013






In the interview regarding disabled individuals, I managed to get an interview with James. James is a 72-year man residing in the state of New York, more specifically, in the Washington Heights in Manhattan. The septuagenarian was born and lived twelve years of his life able bodied, however, during his teenage years he contracted a disease, polio. Polio was the main cause for his disability since it permanently paralyzed both of his legs. However, according to him, disability is never inability hence his reason to acknowledge his situation and overcome its effects in his adult life despite his age. The main purpose for the interview was to provide a resource guide that would provide support, information and advice for him.

The YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities (YAI/NIPD) is a resource that provides community based support services for people with disabilities throughout New York. As part of the YAI Network, YAI/NIPD recently established one of its branches in Washington Heights to provide facilities for the disabled. The strengths of the resource community include provision of home health care for disabled persons, transportation facilities, rehabilitation and recreation programs. Its weaknesses mainly border on the people affected by autism. Most of the disability cases the agency receives are related to autism. Hence, much priority is given to support the victims of the disorder as well as their families. This, in turn, causes other disabilities taken up by the agency to be less prioritized. The benefits of the agency are mostly related to support services. This is because YAI/NIPD provides support services for the disabled and their families thus enabling such families to develop intrinsic cohesion (YAI Network, 2012).

The Isabella Geriatric Center in Manhattan is another resource center that specializes in the incorporation of senior or elderly programs. The senior resource center provides various programs all centered on helping the aged in the community. It has an adult day health care program that is meant to provide health care for the disabled, as well as other elderly persons that suffer from chronic conditions. The main strength of Isabella Geriatric Center is that it allows young adults aged eighteen onwards to participate in the adult program. This is to facilitate care for the elderly by employing vibrant energy. The weakness of the center is that it does not adequately for the elderly with diseases such as polio. The benefits accruing from the center involve cohesion between the seniors in the center. Transportation is also a provision for the disabled and the elderly as well as psychiatric counseling and management of chronic illnesses for the aged (Isabella Geriatric Center, 2012).

The Moriah Older Adult Luncheon Club is a unique agency that also caters for septuagenarians. As its name suggests, the center provides luncheon services for homebound and disabled elders. It is located in New York City. The strengths of the center include the uniqueness of the agency in the provision of day meals for the aged who cannot fend for themselves. Furthermore, it assists the disabled who are unable to prepare meals during the day. The main weakness of the center is that it is located far from Manhattan. Moreover, the agency does not provide transportation facilities and services for the disabled and elderly in the community. The benefits of the agency include provision of educational services for the disabled such as computer curriculums and needlework sessions (Washington Heights and Inwood Online, 2012).

The agencies aforementioned can assist the interviewer to socialize with other victims of polio similar to him. Doing so can help James in forming casual relationships with other people who empathize with him. Furthermore, the agencies provide support for the elderly and disabled and can take care of James by providing for him a group of able-bodied volunteers who can assist him whenever he faces difficulties.



















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