Informed Consent

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Informed Consent

Informed consent is usually a necessary requirement whereby a patient is informed adequately of an intended medical procedure, which might affect his or her health either positively of negatively. It is usually the responsibility of a doctor to ensure that the patient is dully informed about the procedure, aim and repercussions of the same whether negative or positive.

An informed consent is used for any surgical procedures or special procedures as defined by the medical practitioners. The informed consent form begins with a description and outlining the responsibilities of the physician to inform the patient in adequate detail of the surgery or special procedure, which the patient should be fully aware. In addition the form is usually underlined in bold the sole purpose of the form which is to ensure and verify that the patient has been informed about the surgery or special procedure and has given consent with regard to the procedure as recommended by the physicians. Within the form are adequate details for the patient. These details are aimed at ensuring that the patient adequately enquires about the procedure before approving the procedure of ascent to the procedure. It also ensures that the patient is able to ask questions and gives surety that the physicians are merely independent individuals.

The second part entails the part to be filled out by the physicians in terms of the recommended procedure, which should be clearly stated. It is followed by the inclusion of clause, which allows physicians to undertake further procedures in the event of an emergency to save the life of the patient. It also outlines the names of the doctors authorized to perform such procedures and approval for performance of procedures by qualified doctors in the event of an emergency.

In addition, the patient is also notified of the possibility of unsuccessful results of the procedures, complications or even death all of which might be caused by unforeseen causes. Hence, it provides no guarantee for success of the entailed procedure. Thus, the patient requires to be notified of any medication required after the procedure, special care, benefits, risks and other benefits. The physician is also required to provide the patient with information pertaining to any risk of blood transfusion. After ensuring provision of such information, the patient is allowed to sign the form after reading the form thoroughly and append the signature, time, and date of approval. This is followed by signatures from witnesses acknowledging that he step was undertaken by the physician. An interpreter is also required to ensure that the information has been approved with the presence of a legal representative from patient to ensure that the form is legally binding.

The physician is also required to certify that he or she has undertaken the responsibility of informing the patient adequately. In addition, an anesthesiologist certification are required to ensure that the information has been dully received and approved by an anesthesiologist to ensure that the patient is dully informed of use of a specific anesthesia and effects of such. He or she is also responsible for ensuring an appended signature to the anesthesia consent form by the patient.

I think from the provided information within the informed consent from is essential and detailed as it ensures that the patient has witnesses, professional doctors and legal representation and an interpreter of the terms used. This is aimed at ensuring the patient has adequate and sufficient information in terms of the recommended procedure. I think there should be provision of warranties in terms of any misconduct in terms of execution of the procedure. In addition, any unwarranted procedure should draw compensation fro the patient to ensure good practice within such procedures.








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