Industry Supervision

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Industry Supervision

            Emerging technologies affect the manner in which industry supervisors perform their duties. Globalization has made things easier and created many challenges at the same time. It has caused changes in supervisor duties and responsibilities and the workforce composition and organization practices. This paper will explore the effects of technology and the resultant globalization on the organization and supervision according to Chapter two of Supervision Today 7th Edition.

Technology has enabled organizations to carry out business beyond their national borders. This has affected supervisors in many considerable ways. It has made the supervisor’s work easier. The supervisor can now access real time information, plan easily, scrutinize staff activities in real-time and from distant locations. The telecommuting technology also allows organizations to communicate using remote devices. Supervisors also face many challenges. They are compelled by the changing technology to recruit staff conversant with the new technology. E-business has made recruitment difficult; employee motivation has become a challenge due to the changes in communication techniques.

Globalization has changed the structure of the workplace. It is becoming difficult to distinguish between standard working hours and non-working hours. It is also becoming easier to do business, and people now work for longer hours. It has enabled married couples or those living together to work simultaneously. The American workforce has changed significantly. More women are now working, and the workforce consists of a mixture of people from different races and ethnic origins. The working population is made up of people of diverse ages and abilities. Different generations of staff have different aspirations and attitudes that require a different approach from the supervisor and the organization.

Supervisors and organizations have adopted measures that will accommodate this diversity of the workforce. Issues such as downsizing, continuous improvement and work process engineering have found their way to the workplace. Since organizations’ want to satisfy the consumer, the authorities and the government, they have adopted social responsibility, social obligation, social responsiveness and ethics within their policies.



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