Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities









The realization of a complete dissertation requires proper research into all the aspects of the said topic. A comprehensive research exercise will be an added advantage, as the student will have a first hand experience of the phenomenon being investigated. Appropriate funding was required to achieve all the monetary needs that included stationery, traveling expenses as well as information gathering from sources. Limited funds reduced the levels to which the researcher would have gone to find more information on the application of Linux.


First, the research was conducted in the two sessions both of which lasted for eight weeks. Eight weeks is not enough for the researcher to observe all of the different Linux systems at their different locations of implementation. The researcher did not even have the opportunity to see first hand, the network topology in place at Google Inc. that is reputed to be the most elaborate network running on Linux. It would be better if it were done in a longer time.

Access to information

Most of the information on Linux operating systems was not readily available. Using the Internet and the college libraries as the sources gave me very little information that I required. I realized that in order to obtain first hand information on how Linux OS operated, I had to approach various programmers and a developer who either coded or developed programs using Linux. This was a hard task as most of them were not keen to assist me with the academic perspectives to Linux but instead dwelled on the technical aspects. In the end, I had to use a combination of primary and secondary information to come up with a satisfactory paper.



Linux and its associated products are a relatively new inclusion into the ICT field. After officially being launched in 1991, Linux has yet to rival other operating systems competitors particularly Microsoft XP. The Linux operating system has its own advantages in that it has focused on improved networking capabilities. Therefore, choosing it as my research topic will help the rest of the academic fraternity in viewing this platform in a different light. Software users will be presented with an in-depth investigation into Linux that will help them make informed decisions.

This research into the workings of Linux and its various applications provides numerous opportunities for students who are studying computer science and related fields. Since it has been discovered in this paper that Linux is open source and free for all users, students can take up this opportunity to study more about Linux and come up with their own versions of the operating system. Furthermore, students are able to develop Linux-based applications thanks to the strong network of online collaborators. These online communities are made up of experts in different IT fields who can mentor upcoming IT specialists in these new advancements.

The study into Linux Operating system will be a great opportunity for instructors to transform their syllabuses to include newer technological changes. Within the educational field, keeping abreast is highly necessary and in that connection, instructors can use this and other similar papers to introduce new concepts like Linux portability of Linux cloud computing to their students. Lastly, as we have mentioned, Linux holds a unique trait in that it has a secure networking system. This is an opportunity for various sectors to reinforce their systems by adopting Linux network security options. This will see a drop in cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

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