Hot Topic Discussion in the Sport U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Hot Topic Discussion in the Sport

U.S. Open Golf Tournament

In this paper, we identified the recently concluded U.S. golf open tournament as the hot topic, which has raised concerns, considering the underperformance of the American players this time unlike previous times when the U.S has dominated.


A few weeks ago, the United States golf open tournament come to an end, with most of American golfers finishing below top ten, where only the American duo managed to be on top ten. This has never been the case for quite a long time, and it seems that for American golf, things are a little dreary. Currently, it is evident that America has quite a bunch of potential players; however, this is not obvious considering that our players are diminishing in terms of skills considering that players such as Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson, the defending champion at this week’s Travelers Championship, are ranked 11th and 13th respectively. Earlier this year at Doral, Nick Watney made a big win, but now was ranked 15th. Tiger Woods did not take part in the tournament this few weeks ago due to injuries, but his skills have been reducing. The tournament was won by Rory McIlroy, who is a younger European golfer, who dominated the tournament, yet it was held in the United States, where they did not do well. This has raised questions, whether America will be sinking or could it be that nobody can replace the likes of Tiger Woods. Could it be that America is not developing new players to replace the outgoing? If so, what could be the remedy for the problem with the U.S?

Brief comments made by participants

            Many of the comments revolved around the increased popularity of the game that has brought younger players, while Americans are yet to develop the young talents. Daren, one of the participants explains that we are seeing a trend, which is likely to get tougher as we move on in the field of golf, considering its current increasing popularity, unlike before, when only few countries participated. With its popularity increasing worldwide, we have seen more entrants to the sport, such as Asian, European, and Australian golfers in the U.S. tour, which only means more competition. Moreover, American players who have been dominant such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are becoming older, and their skills are diminishing, though they are yet to be replaced by younger players, considering that the PGA tour is getting the best of young international players. Shannon, another of the participants was of the same opinion, adding that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were the dominant players, but may have done their central part, and they are now old and have not been doing so well. She says that America needs fresh players to take up the course to compete with other young players who have taken the course in golf, such as McIlroy. She also adds that one reason that might have contributed to this is the increase of young players from other countries, while US young golfers have not taken up the course. She finally added that they need to take up their skills, and gain confidence.

I do agree with their opinion, that our best players are old, and add that there has not been a transformation in the game of golf, where the older players have dominated for sometime in America, which I feel, has contributed to the declining of good young players. Considering that other countries are a step[ ahead in developing young talents, it will be quite a tough task before America is able to produce more like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. We might continue to see European younger players dominate in the game, and more countries coming in will mean even a tougher task ahead to beat the increasing completion.


Importance of the topic

            The topic is quite important for leaders to understand, since this could mean a downfall for golf in America, which could affect several issues such as low advertisement using golf, which earns golf industry revenues. Continuity of this trend might mean a lot to the American golf industry in the near future. If the American players continue to loose in the game, the U.S. open tour will loose funs, and this could mean a lot to other companies that sponsor the golf industry for purpose of advertising might withdraw, if their advertisements will not reach out to many people. This could lead to a vicious downturn for golf industry, since sluggish investments will mean lack of finance in the industry. Taking an example of Tiger Woods, and Ms. Wie, who attracted around 700,000 viewers in the women’s golf, it was a good way of advertising, where the player is the advertising object.

Ways to solve the issue

This problem needs to be solved as soon as possible, before the trend deepens to an irreversible point. I recommend that we encourage or offer other countries the chance to hold golf tourism, before the game diminishes, since it will mean more supporters in other countries. If the travelers or tourist who come to watch the game will reduce, causing a problem in culture interaction. Secondly, a study in teaching methods and ways of developing skills, in order to make successful young players has to be taken. Inn addition, golf classes should be established for young players to learn and develop their skills. More so, there is a need to position golf highly for young players, in order to attract more young players that are talented.


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