Green Movement

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Green Movement

Many people have become more aware of the importance of living green. They have started using organic and natural products, and other products that are not harmful to the environment, on a large scale. Many people are now looking for simple solutions to contribute to environmental conservation. Living green has contributed to environmental conservation in many ways. Many people now use products that use less energy, and emit less carbon in the atmosphere. While the concept of green living has become the trend, it started many years ago. In the nineteenth century, there were people who were already pioneering the environmental movement in their own way. One such person is John Muir.

John Muir is popularly considered the father of the national parks in the country because of his efforts to conserve the wild. He was born in 1838, and he developed an interest in nature and environmental concerns at an early age. He worked on the farm as a young child, and he studied natural science at one point in life. He had a passion for nature, and especially for the wild. He traveled to the Sierra mountain ranges, and he was so captivated by their beauty, that he decided to spend his life there. Living at the mountain made him realize the values of conserving nature. He observed how people lived, and how this affected the environment. He also traveled to other regions, such as Mexico and Cuba, enjoying the natural environment. He noted that people determined the course of nature, by how they used, conserved and preserved it. His travels made him appreciate the wild nature of the countries, and he realized that people could enjoy living in the wild. He was determined to conserve the wild, and this led to the creation of national parks.

He appreciated the simple life in the mountains and he often wrote about it. He encouraged people to visit the mountains and spend time in the woods, where they would have an abundance of fresh air, and where they would find rest. Muir believed that nature was made for people’s enjoyment, but they had to take care of it so that they could enjoy it. Muir strongly believed that people would benefit if they protected the plants, animals and the natural habitat. He asserted the importance of rocks, trees, water and air, noting that they deserved legal protection. Although he advocated scientific investigation of nature, he was nevertheless adamant that people should respect it. While living on the mountains, he saw the destruction that sheep had on the environment, and how much they contributed to soil erosion. He was not afraid of going against popular and wide spread ideas, and he was able to establish that the glaciers on the Sierra Mountains contributed to the formation of the landforms in the surrounding regions.

Muir is certainly one of the early pioneers of the green movement. He had taken a lot of time to study nature when living in the wild. He observed that nature is there for people’s enjoyment, but for people to do this, they should protect it. Had people taken the advice he gave them, and continued his legacy, the environment would be in a better state than it is today.

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