going back in time to rome 100 B.C

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Going Back In Time to Rome 100 BC

If I could travel back in time, I would go to Rome 100 BC. It would be my joy to brush shoulders with the famous dictator, Julius Caesar and the Roman citizens. This is because of the fascinating culture that existed during the time. The vast culture covers their monumental buildings, unique cuisines and different languages. The Romans were also diverse in their literature, music and art. The Romans are also known to be great scholars and their system of learning incorporated the different languages that they used.

Rome at this time was a metropolitan that attracted many foreigners. I would expect to see chariot traffics that carried the foreigners and locals. The noise of the iron chariot wheels would feel the air as horses raced around the streets. I also expect to see the youthful faces of the active Romans in the streets as they engage in dice games and board games. The well off in the society would be seen engaging in fishing and hunting.

The city near the seven hills was also rich in art, music and literature. In the county villas, I would expect to see Roman paintings. They would be endowed with an ambience of Greek influence. They would have mythological figures. The figures would be like Olympian deities or the sky deities. There would also be portrait sculptures that used lively colors. The literature would tell of the earlier history of Rome. This would be in poems and tales of tragedies. The music would be largely influenced by the Greek Culture and would have traces of the tuba and lituus as the accompanying instruments. This would be because of the influence that the military had on the music. The music would be played in amphitheatres as I watch fights. Music would feel the public ceremonies in the Odea.

The Romans would mesmerize me with their widely spoken Latin. I would also hear Greek being spoken among the well schooled in the society. The literature would be filled with classical Latin. This would be different from the Vulgar Latin that would be used in speech. Most of the scholarly articles would be written in Greek.

In the morning, I would wake up to a well-prepared ientaculum. This was the term used to referrer to breakfast and it would have been served at dawn. Lunch would then be served at around eleven in the morning. Loaves made of emmer would be popular among the lower class in the society. However, with the well to do families, I would see dairy products like milk and cheese. There would also be eggs and honey for consumption. Among the upper class, we would have shared meals in the triculum that served as a special dinning room.

The Romans enjoyed popular entertainment from musicians, acrobats, poets and dancers. I would have been entertained by any of these acts during dinnertime by the virtue of being a guest. The place would also have many theaters that would be used for fighting that would be a form of entertainment. There would also be gymnasiums used for the same purpose. Gladiatorial games would also be a popular form of entertainment among the upper class of the society. I would also visit immaculate buildings like the Colosseum and the Forum of Trajan. The Pantheon would also be an attraction sight because of its monumental structure.

The streets would be filled with militia and endless talks of Julius Caesar’s expertise in oratory skills among other talents. The militia would be ordinary male citizens who had attained the military age. The army would be organized in classes according to their different factions. The Roman government would be in charge of the army. Along with the king’s authority, there would be the Senate and Comitia Calata that ruled Rome.

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