Experience plan

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Experience plan

Name and age: Alice, 11 Years Plan: 1
Name of experience: music and vocals Date presented 27/7/2012
Number of children: 7-13 children with ages 4-13 years Presented by:
Reason for choosing this experience

Alice is talented in singing and she has a good voice. Alice enjoys singing and she has written a few songs.

Learning opportunities

Physical: Music is accompanied with moves and posture. Therefore, Alice will learn how to pose while singing and how to make body movements.

Cognitive: To understand different vocal ranges and level of Alice’s vocals.

Language: Alice will learn how to sing songs in other languages.

Creative: Learning how to incorporate various features in music, to make it pleasant.


 Set up of the learning environment

This experience requires a large space for the activities because there will be audiences. The most appropriate location is a spacious hall. I will ensure the location observes safety for children and all people who will attend. Any props or materials needed for this experience will be arranged safely in the room. The room will be neat and everything will be visible. The children will be advised to be careful during the experience.

The children participating will be required to wear some costumes for the experience. They will choose suitable costumes for the experience. They will make the children enjoy the experience hence participate fully. Singing goes well with instruments so some children will be allowed to play their favorite instruments, along the songs sang.

Involvement of the children

I have consulted with the administration about holding the experience and they have given me the right time to do it. I will gather the children and tell with an excited tone about the interesting activities they will do. Alice will choose one popular song and lead the rest of the children as they approach the center stage.

Every child will have a chance to suggest a song or a movement for the rest of the children. Alice will teach the children some songs from her own composition and they will sing together. I will teach them some songs and movements, which they will practice later on. All this activities are intended to build confidence in the children and encourage them to exploit their talents.










Experience plan

Name and age: James, 6 years Plan 2
Name of experience: Music and movement Date presented


Number of children: 7-13 with ages 4-13 years Presented by:
Reason for choosing this experience

James has an interest in music and he has proved to be good at several genres in music. He also likes dancing too and he seems to know several dancing styles.

Learning opportunities

Physical: Learning how to dance to various types of music as well as other movements

Cognitive: Learn more genres of music and identify James’ best genre.

Language: Learning new songs from other languages.

Creative: Adding more moves to the dances to make them more appealing.

Setting up learning environment

The children participating are expected to wear costumes during performance. I have suggested that the costumes should be worn according to the songs. I will need some help in preparing the children for the experience so I will have some assistants. The assistants will lend a hand in choosing songs and costumes for the children. I have proposed a social hall for this activity since it will provide the required space. All children are required to ask any questions before handling any equipment. The children should be free and participative because the hall will be spacious and safe to use.

Involving the children

I will allow the participants to select any songs they would like to sing in the experience. Among the genres popular with the children is soul music, singing games, jazz and hip-hop among others. Parents and guardians of the children are invited to make contribution of improving this experience. It will add more knowledge and skills to the children. I will help them choose some relevant dancing styles to the music and teach them other movements.



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