Event Summary Report

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Event Summary Report

Career Fair

A multi-national company recently carried out a career fair in our college, whose main purpose was to recruit interns and equip students with information concerning the job market. The event was organized by faculty directors in collaboration with the Human resource department of the company. During the event, various speakers gave talks, most of which were very motivational and inspirational. The speakers were amazing; they gave real life examples of the difficulty in establishing a career path. They also gave testimonies of how they had managed to weather the challenges they met in the search for good jobs. Later on, the Human resource manager was able to conduct interviews on prospective interns and attachés.

I enjoyed every part of the day and everything that happened surpassed my expectations. For me, this was an unforgettable encounter with gurus in the corporate industry. The keynote speaker was the regional manager of the multinational. His address mainly focused on the struggles of college life, students’ misplaced priorities and peer pressure. The audience was elated, and everyone was so keen not to miss any of his points. The best part of the speech, however, came at the end, when he doled out some pieces of advice on how to be aggressive in order to achieve our dreams. His speech inspired me to put effort in everything I do. I agreed with most of his sentiments, especially on misplacement of priorities while in college.

Overall, the event opened up my mind to new possibilities and triggered my drive to work harder to achieve my dreams. We all took lessons from the speakers’ personal encounters and learnt that there are mistakes that we can never afford to make in life. As far as I was concerned this was one of the best experiences, I ever had in recent years.


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