Posted: December 2nd, 2013






            Euthanasia is a highly sensitive subject as people have diverse views about it. It is the act of ending the life of a person in order to put them out of pain and suffering. The author of the narrative, “Euthanasia” talks about the practice in depth. He gives an account of what are the arguments of the people that are for and against the practice of Euthanasia. Through the comparison of the two diverse views, the author enlightens readers about the practice. He helps people understand why certain people have taken different stands on the matter. Ultimately, the author hopes to help readers to pick a side on whether or not they would support Euthanasia.

The author begins his essay by defining what Euthanasia is. He tries to give a brief history of the practice. He talks about the moral and the legal implications that are associated with Euthanasia. He references to ironic it is for some doctors to support the practice yet they took the Hippocratic Oath to preserve and protect life. They swear not to give lethal drugs or advice any person to do so. This view has changed from the time of Dr. John Kevorkian who is known to have started the practice. The author also defines the forms of Euthanasia and the states in America that the practice is considered legal.

The argumentative part of the essay begins with the author listing down the reasons why Euthanasia is supported by some people and not by others. This is an effective way to help readers pick a side in the argument. The writer was able to address most of the key points that are associated with the practice. In doing this, the essay successfully presented a persuasive argument. Both sides of the debate were heard, and if a reader were to make a choice, it would be easy, as they have been given points to think about and make a decision. The essay has examples of exemplification whereby the author was able to cite the views of previous researches done on the matter. Edward Winkler was specifically quoted a number of times.

The writer did their best to employ several strategies of effective essay writing. The narration has been done well. It includes questions that are meant to make the audience think. The author thus has done their best to make the essay involving. The way in which the paragraphs and sentences are structured is to make the topic more understandable. The argumentative tone is meant to convince the readers through reasoning. The aspects of Euthanasia have been explained well. The writer also gives his views on the subject as a whole after giving both sides of the argument. The essay made a good case about Euthanasia as all the points were supported with references that suit what the author is talking about in a particular case:

“We do not pity Socrates more than Plato because he has suffered more death (Young p3).”

The essay was made more interesting by the use of figurative language. The writer employed the use of idioms and hyperboles. The writer hoped to emphasize his points more by using this. The general tone of the essay is serious.

The essay also had its weaknesses. Some sentences were too long making the essay a bit boring. A reader can easily lose interest if a sentence is too long. Another problem with the long sentences is that what the writer wanted to put across tends to get lost. For instance in this sentence:

“The supporters would argue that it helps the dignity of people to be preserved because they argue that there is no meaning to life where a person is not in a position to take care of some basic and personal activities of his life. For example, if a person has to be bathed by other people and also taken to the toilet, the dignity of such a person would be gone.”

The author was repeating himself. In the process, the point that he was trying to put across got lost in the sentence. There are grammatical errors in the essay that the writer needs to work on. In the essay, there are sentences that begin with and, this is not allowed in literary works. The paragraphs in the essay are good though some are uneven.

Euthanasia is a practice that is slowly gaining support. Though some people are against it, the only way one can judge a person who is for it is when they are in a similar predicament. The writer gave a spirited argument on the subject. At the end of the essay, he expresses his stand on Euthanasia. The practice of Euthanasia is slowly becoming popular and it is important for society to find out more about it. The writer did his best in highlighting this in the essay.

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