Dreams of happiness

Posted: November 28th, 2013








Dreams of Happiness






Dreams of Happiness

 A family can be described as a close relation between individuals by birth, marriage or adoption. Every person wants to belong somewhere where they feel needed wanted and appreciated and loved. This sense of belonging is a naturally occurring characteristic in all animals, humans included. The sense of belonging makes an individual feel appreciated; this uplifts the self-esteem of the individual. There exists no perfect family, however, a family is where one is at comfort and is appreciated and loved. In life, people who excel at what they do and are successful usually have families at the forefront supporting them entirely in the midst of tough and easy times.

In a remarkably diverse and changing world, the definition of a happy family has drastically changed with people having different definitions as to what they consider being happy. Some consider being happy as having all the materials things that money could buy, yet others are of the view that having an intact family where there is mutual respect and love for one another. However, having financial safety and not having an intact family can lead to a family being in disarray. Thus, a good family should have the adequate resources to live satisfactorily and at the same time maintaining respect and love for one another. For instance, when one is sick, they need someone to take care of them for the period that they are sick. The presence of money cannot be a substitute for love and care that is provided by loved ones even if money could purchase the care there still would be a gap for love that is given by members of a family. Having people in a family who are sensitive to each other’s needs and deficiencies would set the basis for a family, where everyone in the family is appreciative of one another.

Being a mother is one of the greatest responsibilities to humankind. The act of carrying a fetus for more than nine months is quite a challenge and requires the strongest personalities to reach the maturity age and giving birth. Giving birth comes as the climax of the task of carrying a child, and the imaginary thoughts of carrying a small human being who does not know anything about the world is quite heartwarming. In addition, carrying a baby who is identical to you as a mother moves one to tears because a child is helpless and needs all the devotion for its basic survival. It is quite challenging to spend all the time experiencing all the baby cries during either the day or the night, but due to the maternal obligation to provide for a child it becomes automatic since the child will return the favor. The art of being a mother is not just the act of giving birth but rearing the child to become a distinguished person in society.

Children, when at the very tender ages need undivided attention and care because of their complex nature. However, when children start learning the basic things, they become very adorable, and they eventually grow into school going children. Here, they get to socialize and learn from others and at the same time learning more about life throughout their daily experiences. Becoming a mother does not require one as only a woman, it requires maternal instinct to be bale to fulfill the needs of the baby and cope with any adverse conditions such as deformity and sickness. In addition, it also requires a strong and dedicated woman with respect for human life and most of all, love and compassion, to take care of the child or children when they become more. A child should also be given an opportunity to grow in a place where they get their basic needs fulfilled such that they can have full and healthy development. Finally, yet importantly, good families should be prepared to have and take care of new children with ease and love for these children


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