Domestic Violence

Posted: November 30th, 2013





Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the psychological, emotional, bodily, or sexual abuse committed against a person by their spouse or by a parent to a child. This behavior is used to control, and subordinate the victims. The abuser will use fright, guiltiness, humiliation and terror to wear down their victims. Domestic violence happens among homo and heterosexual partners, spouses of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It is perceived that women are the most victimized in relationships. It is essential to note that men are abused verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically. Domestic violence is not acceptable regardless of one’s gender or age; human life should be preserved and respected.

Signs of domestic violence include display of low self-esteem by victims because they feel powerless against their abusers. Victims of physical abuse have body injuries, about which they offer complicated stories. They will not always give the real story unless they are talking to people they trust. Severe battery causes absenteeism from work and school by the victims. This absence could sometime be a sign that something is wrong. Batterers like accusing their victims of unfaithfulness in front of their friends. Usually this tactic makes the batterer appear like the victim. Outgoing people who suddenly become introverts especially around their partners shows that they are experiencing domestic violence. They develop this sudden change of personality because they are afraid of their partners. People who are constantly taking the blame for things they did not do are probably being abused at home. Children who come from violent homes tend to develop bullying or sensitive traits.

Most cases of domestic violence are caused by learning. Abusers grew up in homes where they experienced domestic violence. There are certain communities that condone domestic violence hence promoting it. Pornographic materials depict women as sex objects. This deprives them of their deserved respect among their partners. Children learn that men are aggressive through their computer games. Domestic violence continues to thrive because there are no legal consequences for it as many victims are afraid to report to the relevant authorities. Certain religions encourage domestic violence because they instruct wives to be submissive to their husbands. It is said that alcohol and drugs may be contribute to domestic violence, as drunken people cannot control their violent impulses. Stress, depression and provocation also cause domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects its victims as well as the abusers. Battered victims suffer bodily and psychosomatic problems because of domestic violence. Some of the physical injuries cause health complications as the victims get older. Victims lose their jobs because of frequent absenteeism. They also lose their friends and family members out of fear. Some are neglected by their churches because some religions prohibit divorce. Children whose parents experienced domestic violence develop similar traits growing up.

Domestic violence is an issue that continues to affect the society. Victims of domestic violence can seek help by reporting the violent behavior. Different states have help lines for victims of domestic violence and counselors willing to talk to them. They should press charges against their abusers to the relevant authorities in the area. Courts are willing to provide restraining orders against abusers if their victims file for protection orders. They should try to document any abusive event against them so that it can be used as evidence in court. Victims should seek professional help from support groups and psychologists to help them heal from domestic violence.

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