Does humanity depend on computers and technology too much?

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Does humanity depend on computers and technology too much?


Technology has been described by people as the best occurrence to humankind. With its advancement, it has led to the improvement of the quality of life. It has made life easier by making complex tasks that were hard to do easier. Technology has improved all sectors of the economy. For instance, it has made it easy for people to communicate. In earlier days, it took a long time for a message to be transmitted from one person to another. Today, at just the touch of a button, a messaged can be relayed from one part of the world to another. However, with all these advantages, there are also weaknesses that make people question if technology is good.

The advantages of technology are a number. For one, it makes life easier. The invention of machines has made it easier for people to do their work. Vehicles are meant to ease transportation. Computers can be used to store and retrieve data in a matter of seconds. All the inventions have made the lives of human beings easier. Technology has also enabled human beings to save time. It takes less time to move from one place to another thanks to vehicles. Planes have enhanced transportation also as their faster than even vehicles. The use of ovens has made cooking faster and enhanced the taste of food. Technology has also improved the quality of life. Diseases can now be detected early thanks to machinery. In addition, new treatments have been invented thanks to the use of technology. The production levels of industries have also improved because the use of machinery makes production faster and perfected. Man is known to error, but machines rarely make mistakes.

There are also disadvantages that are associated with technology. Through innovation, many people have lost their jobs. For example, one computer can do the job of many people making these people no longer useful. The machines and robots have made life so complex that a task that was easy before is now termed as extremely complicated. Technology has also made people less sociable. In earlier days, people would entertain themselves by talking to each other. With the introduction of television, internet and radios, they have replaced the human touch. People would rather lazy around than go out into the world and make friends. Technology has made people lazy, and with it, more diseases and health complications have arisen. Reports have linked the rise in cancer patients to the increased use of machinery that emits radioactive fumes that are a problem to health.

With all these advantages and disadvantages, researchers have often asked are human beings too dependent on technology? It is true that technology is good, but people have become so attached to it that they cannot do anything without its assistance. Simple tasks such as communication have now been deemed hard because of people’s dependence on technology. A person cannot survive a day without his or her mobile phone. What used to happen in the days when there were no telephones? People still communicated. Men and women cannot interact as they used before. For someone to get a date, he or she has to depend on dating sites. In the early days, people would meet each other to find out how compatible they were before going out on a date. Today, people rely on computers to tell if two people are compatible.

There are many moral and ethical issues associated with technology. Technology has become an influential part of youth’s life. Instead of the young learning through the right channels, they are exposed to the evils of the world at an early age. Children learn about the dangers of the world at just the touch of a button. The internet in most times ends up misleading them. Television and radio have introduced children to sex at an early age. Learning from these inventions prevents children from getting the entire truth. At most times, they are too young to decipher the meaning. Parents are not left out either. They are often too distracted by their phones or computers to pay any attention to their children.

The internet has made people targets of con artists without them even knowing. All the information about a person is readily available on request. People are addicted to social media and do not realize the harm that it causes to their social life and to the people around them. People update everything about their life without realizing the harm that is associated with it. A hacker can use this information to impersonate them and steal from them or hurt them. A person intending to steal or harm them can use this information to hurt the party giving out information. When doing school assignments, students tend to rely on the internet too much. They end up plagiarizing work of other writers instead of coming up with their own original work.

Through employing technology at work, a number of people have lost their source of livelihood. Though this is an advantage to companies as they are able to cut costs, it causes much distress to the families that have lost their income. More people are living below the poverty line because of this. In addition to that, as technology changes people need to advance with it. If they do not change and acquire new skills, their services will be rendered obsolete. They therefore have to go back to school, which is an extra cost and time consuming. Even if the number of advantages outweighs the disadvantages, technology is still a burden on society though many people will choose to refute that.


A number of people feel that technology has brought with it a weakness in the human race. People are over dependent on technology and use it to perform even the simplest tasks in life. Though the improvements that technology has brought along with it are beneficial, they are not always the best. One should be careful not to allow technology to take over their lives. The input of human beings is also significant as it offers an emotional aspect that machines or computers cannot. Thus, depending on technology fully will mean that work done will lack a human touch. Technology is good but if we are not careful, it will take over people’s lives and there will be no need for human beings. We need to be careful of the negative implications or else we might end having more problems than solutions.

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