Diversity in Society

Posted: October 23rd, 2013









Diversity in Society















Diversity in Society

Male and Female Differences

The arguments about male and female differences according to Koppelman support the male species. According to Kent L. Koppelman, sexism is a pattern of behavior that hinders a person or an institution based on sex. In the past, women were undermined to the extent that there were female and male jobs. Women would always be found in the kitchen, and what they mostly did was cooking and cleaning. Men, on the other hand, were termed as the ‘protectors’ and thus society viewed them as being superior to women.

Stephen J. Gould’s argument significantly undermines the abilities and brains of women. His theory shows female chauvinism in society. Chauvinism is the superiority of one group over another mostly in terms of gender. In the past, science was known as a difficult subject. In his argument, Gould undermines the knowledge and capability of women. He explains that female scientists should not be termed as scientists because the science they practice is false.

The two arguments support each other in portraying men as being more superior to women. They both place men at a higher position than women by trying to show female inferiority. This has been the case since ancient history because traditional beliefs show how women have been placed in a different category than men. This tradition is still being practiced in modern day. An example is women being offered specific jobs in a workplace while the more engaging, higher paying jobs are given to men. The traditional beliefs are an example of sexism as they consider someone’s qualifications based on gender. Another example is seen from modern day society. Positions of higher power especially in government are mostly contested by men. This shows how society still views and undermines the role of women.



Gay and Lesbianism Child Adoption

The evidence that supports gay and lesbian couples to efficiently adopt and raise children is quite large. Many communities and societies today are allowed to adopt children as compared to the past. This is evident from the increasing number of gay and lesbian couples adopting children the late 20th century. The offers by gay and lesbian couples to adopt should not be rejected. Just like normal couples, a homosexual couple should be considered because the main objective in adoption is that the child is happy. It is assumed by society that gay and lesbian couples do not make good role models for children. This is false because not all children pick their role models from their parents. Moreover, a child in foster care does not have many options of role models to choose from while in the care center.

Gay and lesbian couples are also judged harshly by society when it comes to providing a decent home for children. This should not be the case because initially, foster children do not have homes, so most of them are unaware of how a good home looks like. Their adoption should greatly depend on how much homosexual couples care about the child, and the housing should not be judged according to the nature of the foster parents’ relationship. Most homosexual couples are usually barred from adopting children because it is said that their relationships are not stable. They should not be assessed based on the stability of their relationship rather than the relationship they establish with the child. This is because all relationships, gay or straight have their flaws, but the important thing to consider is the ability of the couple to raise the child together.


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