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Posted: November 30th, 2013

Digital Media








Digital Media


Organizations are continuously striving to stay ahead of competition by engaging in the latest technological advancements. Coca cola is considered the biggest beverage producer in the world with more than 500 soft drinks in their production line. In Coca cola, the owners and managers have gone to great lengths to ensure that business is operational by using state-of-the-art technological equipment in production, distribution and marketing. The company uses digital media in their marketing strategies, and this has shown tremendous growth. Through the application of social media such as facebook, twitter, websites and blogs, Coca cola has managed to capture and attract new customers to their growing list of loyal customers. The company also runs competitions and promotional events to reward its fans and customers. This venture has increased their popularity among soft drink users around the world.

Goal of organization

Coca cola tries its best to market its products in the international market by providing information using the latest digital media. Coca cola is using social media to influence purchase decisions and devotion by leveraging the poignant ties people have with their products. The company, through its diverse marketing strategies, aims to make differences in all its engagements and create value to its stakeholders. Coca cola employees are inspired to perform at their best by the attractive incentives provided by the company. There is a need to maintain their relationship and connection with their customers hence the constant promotional campaigns. They strive to maintain their position as the best beverage producers in the world by constantly giving into the needs of their customers and fans.


Strategy employed to accomplish goal

One of the strategies used by Coca cola in marketing is social media. This strategy guarantees that they reach their loyal customers and new clients all around the world. Coca cola is using different interfaces to market and advertise their products. These include social TV, where they sponsor artists performances over you tube and customers have to subscribe to the Coca cola you tube channel to view or get the concert. In addition, Coca cola uses facebook and twitter to lure more customers. Coca cola is said to be running their own facebook fan page because they are violating the rules and regulations with their more than one million fans. Today, Coca cola has employed the fans who started the page to run it, and it has more than 35 million fans (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). In the fan page, the fans are allowed to express their views and opinions about Coca cola and their products without prejudice.

Coca cola uses its customers, and social media to promote their products. Recently, the company selected a team of three lucky fans and sent them on a worldwide trip. These fans were allowed to take pictures, videos, and blog about their experience so that other fans would see the company’s marketing strategy. The fans were selected through a competition organized by Coca cola. This venture enhanced sales and popularity in Coca cola products around the world. Allowing access to their company stores by customers, the company demonstrates intelligibility and appreciation for its customers. Coca cola employs social media as interactive and cutting edge marketing strategies to reach their fans and customers.

Coca cola recently used digital media to release its sustainability report to show that digital media is not only a dependable marketing strategy, but also a means of communication. This was done to increase the company’s transparency to its customers and fans. Since its inception into the market 125 years ago, Coca cola has been able to capture and retain customer loyalty and trust through continued dedication to customer satisfaction. They have changed their strategies to their sustainability reports efforts by taking several digital approaches to make the report increasingly accessible to their customers. Releasing their reports using digital media enhances their customer knowledge about the company’s maintenance of its societal, fiscal and environmental performance to become the most sought after product. The report was made available online for clients and fans to access easily.

Coca cola runs a corporate blog that promotes unique conversations and topics between the company and its customers. On the blog, new and old customers are allowed to air their views and ideas about Coca cola and their products. Visitors of the blog are also allowed to post pictures and videos of their experiences with Coca cola products. In addition, they share ideas about improvements and experiences of using Coca cola products. The idea of a blog was introduced to capture customers that love blogging since blogging has become popular today especially amongst young people. This blog, run by Phil Mooney, helps to maintain the connection between the company and their customers.

Measurable success factors

Coca cola has been able to retain and attract customers all around the world because of their dedication and continued hard work in ensuring that customer needs are addressed. The company has more than 45 million fans on their facebook page and an estimated 570,000 followers on their Coca-cola TV twitter handle alone. It is through the Coca cola TV campaign that they capture their customers by using musicians such as Paul McCartney to promote the company. The company has been targeting young people with its products, and using digital media to capture their attention continues to promise growth and prosperity in the marketing department.

Coca cola, through extensive and pioneering marketing strategies, has developed an image that is reflected in all their products. It was among the first companies to come up with the best advertising techniques to capture the international audience. Coca cola is constantly developing new marketing campaigns to promote its products, and this has earned them customer trust and loyalty. With their “refreshing” slogan, the company has managed to surpass expectations of many businesspersons and organizations. Coca cola has been associated with “good times” for the last 125 years and their loyal customers identify with this statement hence their continued love and support for the company’s products (Springer & Carson, 2012).

Coca cola has survived and grown in the market because of its capability to methodically innovate and distribute new products. The company moved from a single core product to a total beverage company in the 1990s, and this move is accredited to their success and market position today. Innovation makes and breaks businesses depending on how it is developed and implemented. Coca cola products have been evolving since the business was started more than 125 years ago. Not only have their products improved, their marketing strategies and campaigns have helped to promote the changing products in the markets over the years. The company has also been innovative in terms of applying technological developments in promoting their products such as social networking and technological campaigns.

Conclusion and analysis

            Given by Coca cola’s immense business structure and position in the global market, using digital media to promote its products has increased purchase and esteem among its customers. Coca cola is one of the leading companies on social media. The company understands that the fastest way to reach a wide variety of customers is through implementing digital media in its marketing strategies. It is both quicker and convenient for the company and its fans and customers, as communication is constantly maintained and tightened. The success of Coca cola’s marketing strategies is highly attributed to their use of digital media and increased technological advancement in the world. Young people are increasingly embracing technology and Coca cola takes full advantage of this phenomenon to boost sales. Through their website, blogs, facebook and twitter, Coca cola continues to attract more customers and fans to use their products (O’Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2012).

The choice by Coca cola to use digital media in their marketing strategies is wise as it promises immense purchase levels among their customers. With the augmented growth in technological advancements and developments, the youth today spend more time online therefore making them perfect target for Coca cola products promotions. Through their love for music, Coca cola has made it possible for them to download Paul McCartney’s music through the Coca-cola TV campaign. This lucrative offer ensures that young people only get the music after subscribing to the TV campaign. It is said that young people value their social networks more than anything food. On facebook and twitter, Coca cola has more than 45 million fans, and this number keeps growing every day. On these social networks, their target is allowed to give their personal accounts about using Coca cola products and this ensures that the company keeps in constant touch with its customers.








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